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Foundations & Philanthropists by Mind Map: Foundations &
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Foundations & Philanthropists


Kauffman Foundation

People, Thom Ruhe, Vice President of Entrepreneurship, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Jonathan Robinson, Manager of Entrepreneurship Programs, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin

Grantees, Startup Weekend, Icehouse Entrepreneurship Program, Global Entrepreneurship Week, Kauffman FastTrac, US Source Link, Astia

Programs,,, UEP, Energy Innovation Network, iBridge

Founder, Ewing Marion Kauffman

Coleman Foundation

Programs, Coleman Fellows

People, Michael Hennessy, President & CEO, Clark McCain, Senior Program Officer, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Rosa Berardi, Program Officer

Grantees, Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization, Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, National Association of Community College Entrepreneurship, Generation E

Founder, Dorothy & J. D. Coleman

Templeton Foundation

Grantees, Junior Achievement, NFTE

Founder, John Templeton

Deshpande Foundation

Grantees, Idea Village, Merrimack Valley Sandbox

People, Raj Melville, Executive Director, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin

Programs, Deshpande Innovation Network

Founder, Desh Deshpande, Facebook, Linkedin

McKelvey Foundation

Founder, Andy McKelvey

People, Christine McKelvey, Facebook, Linkedin

Charles Koch Foundation

Founder, Charles Koch

Grantees, Youth Entrepreneurs Kansas

Burton D Morgan Foundation

People, Alison J. Burner, Program Officer, Deborah Hoover, President & CEO, Twitter, Linkedin, Leslie Nelson, Senior Program Offier


Mott Foundation


Kern Family Foundation

People, Tim Kriewall

Programs, Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network

Founder, Robert Kern

Lemelson Foundation

People, Carol Dahl, Linkedin

Grants, NCIIA


Clay Mathile


Desh Deshpande

Deshpande Foundation

Richard Branson

Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship

Jeff Sandefer

Acton MBA

Acton Academy

Naveen Jain

Kairos Society

John Pappajohn

Pappajohn Entrepreneurship Centers

T. Boone Pickens

Oklahoma State University

John Hughes

Hughes Foundation

Coleman Foundation

Dan Gilbert


Reid Hoffman


Startup America Partnership


Peter Thiel

Thiel Fellowship

Robert Kern