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Certainly CERT by Mind Map: Certainly CERT
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Certainly CERT

Incident Command Post


Ops Chief Scott Miller Deputy Chief TBD, Fire Safety, Camarillo CERT, Fire Exercise & Safety Plan, Personnel, Equipment, Comunnicator, Search & Rescue, Oxnard CERT, S&R Exercise &Safety Plan, Personnel, Equipment, Comunnicator, Medical & Triage, John Brand (Moorpark), Medical & Triage Plan, Personnel, Equipment, Comunnicator, Cribbing & Lifting, Paul Garth Spvsr(Ojai), C&R Plan, Personnel Roles, Medical (1), Safety (2), Leader (1), Boxer (2), Lifter (2), Collector (2), Communicators (1), Management Team, C&L Coach (5), C&L Spvsr P. Garth, Comunnicator(s), Shadow Spvsr (1), Shadow Coaches (5), Safety, PPE, Gloves, Helmet, Working Flashlight, Gloves, Shoes/Boots, Physics, Materials (Wood), Prybar, Lifting Abilities, Box Design, Strategy, Practice, Box Design, Box Placement, Bar Placement, Moving Wood Pieces, Hand Safety, Pry Bar Use, C&L Procedure, Survey Scene & Size Up, Medical Eval, Role Positions, Box, Lift, Extricate, Reset for Next Team, C&L Location, Communications, Wayne Woodhams Com Supervisor, Com Plan, ACS Section, Shadows, ICS (1), Planning Chief (1), Logistics Chief(2), Operations (2), CERT Section, Shadows, Exercise Supervisors, Fire Safety (2), SAR (?), Medical (1), Triage (2), Cribbing & Lifting (6), Area Assignments, IC, Exercise Areas, Operations, Registration, Logistics, Staging, Logistics, ASO 6, Registration (2), Operations (1), Fire Safety (1), Cribbing & Lifting (1), Medical (1), Triage (1), Search & Rescue (1), Logistics (1)


Chief Diane Starzak, Deputy Chief TBD, Transportation, Staging, Personnel, Equipment, Material, Operations, Personnel, Equipment, Material, Resources, County Fire, Dave Chovanec, CERT Groups, Ojai Valley, Ventura City, Thousand Oaks, Santa Paula, Simi Valley, Oxnard, Moorpark, Vendors, Red Cross, ACS, New node, Spvsr Bennett's Office Office, Cindy Cantle, Brian Brennan, County Health Department, Dan Wall, County OES, Laura Hernandez, IPO Bill Nash, Registration Booth, Personnel, Equipment, Contact Person, Easy Up Tables/Chairs, Victim Recruitment, Joncee Kohls VCFD, CERT Coordinators, Volunteer Organizations, Victim Prep Team, Ted Lansing


Sean Kellythorne Chief Ojai Valley, Exercises, Activities, Event Schedule, Public Relations Bill Nash, CERT Contact List m. Remmmer, CERT Graduate Requirements, Dress Rqtmts, Signed Waiver, Personal Protective Equipment, Graduated, Notification Sequencing & Timing, Pre Registration, Waiver Form VCFD, Enrollment Form, Equipment List, Dress List, Support Members for Exercises, Marketing, CERT Groups, CERT Coordinators, Participating Committments, Flier, Media, Vendors, Goals & Objectives, Exercises, Fire Safety, Cribbing & Lifting, Search & Rescue, Medical, Triage, Incorporated in each Exercise, Disaster Preparedness, CERT Organization, Terrorism, Disaster Psychology, Planning Time Line & Deadlines, April 22, 2009 Start, May 28, First Report Due, June 9, Second Report Due, July 14, Third Report Due, June 28 Meeting, July 14, Third Report Due, July 25, Table Top Exercise Date, New node, Aug 8, Complete Readyness Date, Aug 22, Exercise Date, New node

Incident Command Personnel

Staff, Safety Officer D. Gray, Incident Safety Plan, Public Relations Officer TBD, Liaison Officer L. Hernandez, Communications Wayne Woodhams, Communications Plan

Line, IC Capt Lazenby, Operations Chief S. Miller, Logistics Chief, D. Starzak, Planning Chief S. Kellythorne, Deputy IC R. Armijao, Incident Action Plan

Check In Booth


Equipment Check, CERT Equipment, Dress Requirement, Other



Check In Procedure, CERT Group Assignment, Sign In/Out Procedure, ID Tags, Sign VCFD Waiver & Photo Release

Check In Personnel (3), Cecilia Alexander VCFD, B, C

Check In Site

Tables/Chairs/Easy Up

Check In Materials




Red Cross




Neighborhood Organizing, Beth von Gunten

Radio Communications, Wayne Woodhams


Organizational Development

CERT Coordinator List

Area CERT Coordinator