Types of organization

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Types of organization by Mind Map: Types of organization

1. Public Sector

1.1. Government business, they gives the money.

2. Private Sector

2.1. Own business, not of the government.

3. Profit organizations.

3.1. Profit based private sector business

3.1.1. Soletraders Small companies, one person, own business.

3.1.2. Partnership More people to work with, a team.

3.1.3. Limited companies Limited liability If the business fails you lose what you invested. Legal personality Company recognised with an identity different. Private limited companies Small-medium business owned by members of the family. Public limited companies Large business with legal sell shares to the general public.

3.2. Profit social enterprises

3.2.1. Cooperatives People acting together to meet common needs.

3.2.2. Microfinance institutions Give small loans.

3.2.3. Charities Raise money to help people.

3.2.4. Public private partnership When private sector is involved in the management.

4. Non profit social enterprises

4.1. Business in order to get money to donate