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Beginning by Mind Map: Beginning

1. dark, evil night

1.1. stormy night

1.2. lightning, thrashing trees

1.3. streaks of jagged lighning

1.4. boom of thunder

1.5. lashing rain

1.6. street lights spluttering

2. Eerie atmosphere

2.1. gloomy shadows

2.2. wind whistling

2.3. black cat hiding in the shadows

2.4. window shutters slamming shut

3. Character: Elliott

3.1. seeking shelter from rain

3.2. knocks on door - no answer

3.3. heavy, oak door creaks open

3.4. black cat

3.5. black cat gives evil hiss

3.6. disappears inside

4. Entry hall

4.1. outline of dead body on floor

4.2. huge paintings adorn the wall

4.3. musty smell of cats

4.4. police tape across stairway

4.5. mousetracks in dusty floor