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Patient with chest pain by Mind Map: Patient with chest pain
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Patient with chest pain

Family history

No diseases run in the family

His dad had a heart attack at 64


Greeted the patient

Introduced myself and the team

Took the patient's date of birth

The patients general look

Chief complaint

What seems to be the problem?

Chest pain, and he's worried it's from his heart

History of present complaint

Pain assessment (SOCRATES)


Past medical history & surgery


Drug history

Only multiple vitamins supplement, 1 pill a day

Forgot to ask about allergies!!

Social and occupational history

Understanding the patient's context & social history

Systematic inquiry

General symptoms










Isolated musculoskeletal chest pain syndromes

This diagnosis is support by - The localised chest pain which is exacerbating with deep breath (which makes it difficult to take a deep breath). - The absence of any other symptoms that may indicate cardiovascular, respiratory, GI or other issues.

Differential diagnosis


Ruling out life-threatining diseases

Confirming Musculoskeletal pain

Personal reflection over the experience

Was a great start and a pleasant experience. I think I did will and only forgot to ask about the allergies

For improvement I must not use my list to remind me of some points, although I maintained good eye contact

I enjoyed my time

Asked about date of birth and found he's lying

Good communications skills and eye contact

Asked about alcohol, drugs, sex, life stressors