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Teachers by Mind Map: Teachers

1. What might get in the way of teachers effectively engaging in change?

1.1. How do previous experiences with change influence change implementation?

1.1.1. positive experiences

2. What conditions support teaching changes?

2.1. Are these different for different teachers?

2.2. How does teacher self efficacy and identity impact the conditions needed?

2.3. What math and teaching practices will be necessary?

2.4. How can teachers become aligned with change? How to create buy in?

3. Beliefs

4. Assumptions

5. Current math systems

5.1. Tracking

5.2. Inequities

5.2.1. What conditions need to be present to support shifting beliefs for those who value teaching in the current system?

6. VMPI Change

7. How do these aspects support or inhibit one's ability to change?

7.1. How does a teacher's self-identity become formed and shaped through their career experience?

7.2. How does their teaching identity inform their practices?

8. Values