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Nei Kong by Mind Map: Nei Kong

1. Three parts of the Energy Body - Dan Tien

1.1. Lower

1.1.1. Sphere of energy below the navel

1.1.2. Converts Jing to Qi

1.1.3. Directs Qi into Energy Body

1.1.4. Associated with heat on the body (particularly the stomach)

1.2. Middle

1.2.1. Sphere of energy at center of chest

1.2.2. Converts Qi to Shen

1.2.3. Associated with deep vibrations through the body

1.3. Upper

1.3.1. Sphere of energy at the forehead

1.3.2. Converts Shen to Dao

1.3.3. Associated with white or golden light

2. The Components of the Energy Body

2.1. Acquired

2.1.1. Fire elemental Excess Hysteria Mania Deficiency Poor circulation Unexcited

2.1.2. Earth elemental Excess Overthinking Lower body physical problems, stomach problems Deficiency Worriness Self-doubt

2.1.3. Metal elemental Excess Outward projection of sadness and grief Drains Qi from environment Deficiency Inward projection of sadness and grief Feeling of a deep, dark hole

2.1.4. Water elemental Excess Panic and paranoia Deficiency Inner fear and shyness Sinking down

2.1.5. Wood elemental Excess Outbursts of frustration and anger Deficiency Feeling of worthlessness

2.2. Congenital

2.2.1. "reservoirs" of Qi

2.2.2. Governing meridian Runs up back of body

2.2.3. Conception meridian Runs down front of body

2.2.4. Thrusting meridian Connects the three Dan Tien Transports Jing, Qi, and Shen between Dan Tien

2.2.5. Girdling meridian Enwraps the lower Dan Tien area Circulation helps to turn and direct the lower Dan Tien

2.2.6. Yin and Yang linking meridians Move Qi between the acquired meridians Bring excess back to congenital meridians

2.3. Misc

2.3.1. Wei Qi Protective shell of Qi "guardian" Qi - made up of Jing and Qi - protects from illness "emotional guardian" Qi prevents emotional information from entering your energy body

2.3.2. Aura Stores Qi information, especially emotional Holds information from sources around you, as well as negative information and feelings that you have experienced

3. Wu Xing, five elemental processes

3.1. Fire

3.1.1. Expansion

3.1.2. Acquired meridians Heart Small Intestine Pericardium Triple Heater

3.2. Earth

3.2.1. Division

3.2.2. Acquired meridians Spleen Stomach

3.3. Metal

3.3.1. Contraction

3.3.2. Acquired meridians Lung Large intestine

3.4. Water

3.4.1. Sinking

3.4.2. Acquired meridians Kidneys Bladder

3.5. Wood

3.5.1. Shooting foward

3.5.2. Acquired meridians Liver Gall bladder

4. Three powers of Daoist cosmology

4.1. Heaven

4.2. Earth

4.3. Man

5. Three bodies of Man

5.1. Physical Body

5.1.1. Made up of tissues, organs, bones, fluids

5.1.2. Exists due to Jing

5.2. Energy Body

5.2.1. Comprised of energetic pathways called meridians

5.2.2. Exists due to Qi

5.3. Consciousness Body

5.3.1. Has no location

5.3.2. Comprised of Shen

5.4. The Mysterious Pass

5.4.1. Center of the three bodies (intersection)

5.4.2. Exists when each body is in balance