Techniques and methods for efficient calculation

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Techniques and methods for efficient calculation by Mind Map: Techniques and methods for efficient calculation

1. 1. Calculate the most forcing moves first

1.1. 1. Checks

1.2. Captures

1.3. Attacking moves

1.3.1. Attacking moves force the opponent to go back and defend.

2. 2. Calculate the most powerful moves first

2.1. How do you know which candidate move is the most powerful?

2.1.1. Use intuition

2.1.2. Use chess understanding Principle of Maximum Activity...

2.2. This is especially helpful if you do not have a lot of time

3. 3. Calculate the most powerful opponent's reply first

3.1. This is especially important if your candidate move seems dubious. After realizing the weakness in your idea, you will reject it immediately and will not waste a lot of time on it.

4. 4. Comparison method

4.1. Helps us to compare different moves with similar ideas or that lead to similar positions, allowing us to discard the less favorable option without a lot of calculation.

5. 5. Elimination method

5.1. If you are down to 2 candidate moves and one of them is obviously losing, then you certainly should make de 2nd move. You don't even need to calculate it - you simply don't have a choice.

6. 6. If there's a main line - quickly check sidelines first, and focus on this main line then

7. 7. Calculate your candidate moves in the same order that you used to find them