40 and flirty

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40 and flirty by Mind Map: 40 and flirty

1. 1. Prospect completes application online

1.1. need the application to integrate the personality profiler answers.

1.1.1. new questions integrating into the CRM (these questions become the match questions) A V.A then does a match and introduction. Part of our USP which is "Personal Service" Not an anonymous cold algorithm matching you.

2. 2. CM alterted of application

3. 3. Prospect pays membership fee on line BEFORE match maker gets involved, pay AFTER they do the personality profiler.

3.1. Credit card used to bill them

3.1.1. no min commitment recurring billing

3.2. Test how many intro's we need to make, 2 - 4 Per month

3.2.1. VA to do all the introductions

4. 4. Outbound call made for application / eng where payment not made

4.1. Follow up e-mail campaign to get them to join

4.2. marketing people to sell "We have john here who is a perfect match for you why not join so you can meet him"

5. 5. Where prospect pays they begin new member process, immediately after payment

5.1. Member sees client charter, ways of working document and terms and conditions at this stage - everything they need to move forward

5.1.1. this happens automatically using right signature

6. 6. New member completes new member process on line - includes self fulfilled actions below

6.1. Online Form/document affi davit - I agree to the following, here's my passport or drivers license number, (I am who I say I am) I am not a serial killer.

6.2. Client to complete online biogragraphy according to our template

6.3. Client uploads pictures of themselves

6.3.1. if they can't do that we do it for them at cost

6.3.2. They have a choice photo or no photo, we tell them photo's will get them more dates though

7. 7. CM informed when new member process complete or alerted if not complete within set timescale, approx 5 days after paying

7.1. VA to contact them if they do not complete their online bio etc

7.1.1. can this be an automated, if/then action?

8. 8. CM signs off new member process - checking documentation, photo legible, photo clear

8.1. VA to do this, VA to check BIO check pictures

8.2. member is held inactive - pending until they are OK'd

9. 9. Member sent notification via email text that membership now commencing and next steps

9.1. Text and e-mail when we have their first introduction for them

9.2. Details of what to do once we introduce them

10. 10. CM new member status changed to reflect now validated and ready for introductions

10.1. VA job

10.2. what happens if they are on holidays, how do we make them update their own online availaiblity

11. 11. CM work on introductions once identified an alert sent to each member via text to pick up introduction information via portal - account online

11.1. they log into the system to see the BIO of the potential introduction

11.1.1. it's a given that this is their introduction they do not have a choice, if they choose not to meet then the responsibility is there's to tell.

11.1.2. System tells us if they do not log in and auto reminds them to log in

12. 12. Members logs in and picks up information re introduction, their bio with contact telephone number shown

12.1. New node

13. 13. Member prompted to feedback 7 days after introduction made via text message. They then feedback via secure personal portal, an account on;ine or by text message

13.1. e-mail sent to them with 3 options to click, Yes met up (meeting again), Yes Met up (not interested), No haven't met yet

13.1.1. No haven't met - VA to contact them and find out

13.1.2. New node

14. 14. Feeback number drives status change for member so CM are aware of status and where needing another intro

14.1. based on their meeting they update their own status.

14.1.1. we make sure they know if they do not update their status they miss out, as only 1 intro at a time

15. 15. If no feedback after day 10 another text message is sent to both to prompt to feedback

15.1. New node

16. 16. CM - receives prompt of status changes, when available for another intro can see membership type and frequency of introductions bought, date next one due to deliver to membership package