Mind Map (U-verse TV)

A deeper dive into the the structure, pages, content, etc of http://uverseonline.att.net/uv/uverse

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Mind Map (U-verse TV) by Mind Map: Mind Map (U-verse TV)

1. (Not Signed In)

1.1. AT&T U-verse

1.1.1. AT&T U-verse Family Advertisement

1.2. On Demand

1.3. Pay Per View

1.4. Featured TV

2. Signed In

2.1. My U-verse TV (Signed In)

2.1.1. Message user they can't get UV, but enjoy our free content & up-sell Mobility, DSL (Non U-verse) Services

2.2. On Demand

2.2.1. All the great things about UV

2.2.2. Consolidated view of Content On Demand PPV Featured TV

2.2.3. Pricing & Specials

2.2.4. Links to buy on ATT.com

2.2.5. How much duplication exists w att.com

2.3. Pay Per View

2.3.1. What you have already (descriptions of product features)

2.3.2. Learn about how to use those features

2.3.3. How to get more info Help Section Other things to buy/upgrade FAQ's ATT.com/Support Contact ATT Support

2.3.4. Account Mgmt Pay Bill Previous Purchases Current Package Modify Package

2.3.5. Content PPV Events Similar PPV Events How to Buy How to Watch On-Demand How to Buy / How to Watch Free Stuff What's online, tablet on mobile as well Featured TV (What's Hot) Where on Uerse.com is the content Schedule Recording How to find it in the guide Large Pinterest type node

2.4. Featured TV