Connie's Factory

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Connie's Factory by Mind Map: Connie's Factory

1. Company Managers

1.1. Reviewing all the department reports

1.2. Making decisions regarding the business

1.3. Approving new product ranges

1.4. Quality Approval of products

2. Procurement Department

2.1. Purchasing raw materials from suppliers

2.2. Buying and selling factory equipment

2.2.1. Empolyees

2.2.2. Revenue

3. Central Warehouse

3.1. Recording Customer and Product details to the database/table

3.2. Distributing products to the required dealers/sellers/customers

3.3. Storing produced goods

4. Supplier Management

4.1. Manages supplier information

4.2. Review of supplier material quality

4.3. Generating report on supplier quality

4.4. Keeping records of all supplier transactions

5. Sales & Marketing

5.1. Monitoring Sales and Revenue

5.2. Managing Advertisements and Marketing plans

6. Administration

6.1. Recruiting new staff as needed

6.2. Managing the financial tasks

6.3. Managing factory asset details

6.4. Processing employee Salaries

6.5. Pay Bills

6.6. Keeping track of debtors

6.7. Follow Law Obligations

7. Human Resources

7.1. Ensuring the employee satisfaction

7.2. Fulfilling employee needs and Wants

7.3. Approval of new staff

7.4. Conduct Customer and Employee surveys

8. Customers

8.1. Receive feedback

8.2. Report on faults/improvements