HCIA Steering Committee Meeting 9/20/2012

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HCIA Steering Committee Meeting 9/20/2012 by Mind Map: HCIA Steering Committee Meeting  9/20/2012

1. Participants

1.1. Rutgers

1.1.1. Margaret Koller

1.1.2. Jeanette Santoro

1.1.3. Kate Scotto

1.1.4. Jolene Chou

1.1.5. Oliver Lontok

1.2. CCHP

1.2.1. Naomi Wyatt

1.2.2. Ken Gross

1.2.3. Andrea Hallowell

1.3. CHCS

1.3.1. Tricia McGinnis

1.3.2. Rob Houston

1.4. PICO

1.4.1. Kamara O'Connor

2. CMS Op Plan

2.1. Approval expected by Friday

2.2. Convinced CMS that estimating overall healthcare savings (rather than our proposed hospital savings) would not be realistic

3. Subcontract execution

3.1. Only outstanding: Cooper, close to finishline

4. PICO update

4.1. Kamara's impression is that most sites are a bit stagnant because rules are not yet clear. Exception is NHCLV. Maybe let NHCLV describe their planning / prepping work to stimulate other sites?

4.2. Kamara's organizing schema

4.2.1. CSHP to take a first shot at drafting integrated HU care model: clinical + data + organizing + timeline

4.2.2. Narrative version of care model -- CCHP to draft

5. All-site meeting on 10/4-5

5.1. Discussion around agenda

5.1.1. "Benchmarks and goals for local work" mapping out the goals / sharing vision

5.1.2. Adapting model: Don't need to report back till end of day; need to be very prescriptive--lead for each session give 3 questions for sites to talk about for 10 minutes. need to be diligent about time keeping. need to be very structured For site teams to digest. Report back: action steps

5.1.3. Move to Thursday night: "how we got here" as part of Jeff's remarks

5.1.4. Friday AM: Site self-intro to start the meeting

5.1.5. Partnership mapping: Keep this on agenda (rather than pre-meeting work) since CCHP / Jeff likely will have helpful input and can push the discussion deeper and longer term. Naomi to ask Jeff to lead; Kamara co-lead.

5.1.6. Data session

5.1.7. Health system change / sustainability: Two tracks, to be kept separate CHCS introduces its role and begins high-level description of Medicaid models in states, financing schemes. Paul Hernandez presents case example in San Diego. Heads up about one-on-one calls to discuss site specific issues. Tricia will present Medicaid enrollment numbers. PICO / community organizers critical in building the political will.

5.2. Logistics

5.2.1. 35-40 people registered to date

6. Data developement

6.1. Two main considerations: CMS required data, and clinically useful data

6.2. For sites, we should clarify: - What's required - What's optional - How we can help (e.g., tools)

6.3. On 9/24 call, focus more on the why / high-level strategy; At 10/5 meeting, dig deeper and look over CCHP tools

6.4. Next steps in constituting data committee: Ask each site to identify the data person (point of contact, not necessarily the analyst). Margaret will follow up with Joel.

7. All-site call on 9/24: Agenda items

7.1. Site op plans: - In prep for 10/5 meeting. - Soliciting near-term plans and (most importantly) TA needs

7.2. Data: "Appetizer" on data plans -- high-level view, in prep for in-depth discussion on 10/5