UCDenver Dental School Curriculum Videos

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UCDenver Dental School Curriculum Videos by Mind Map: UCDenver Dental School Curriculum Videos

1. ISTR 2

1.1. Custom Tray Fabrication

1.2. Occlusal Index

1.3. Occlusal Reduction

1.4. Impression for Stone Die

1.5. Die Trimming

2. AxiUm

2.1. Operative Comp Grading

2.2. X Code in AxiUm

2.3. AxiUm Operative Comp Cheat Sheet

2.4. Adding Photos in AxiUm

3. Direct Operative 1

3.1. Rubber Dam Placement

3.2. Tofflemire Matrix

4. Removable Pros 1

4.1. Wax Rims for Complete Dentures

4.2. Preliminary Impressions Dentures

5. How to Use this Map

5.1. Click "minus" to collapse a branch

5.2. Click "plus" to expand a branch

5.3. Click arrow to play video

5.4. Zoom in or out using slider bar

5.5. Share Map using these buttons

6. Unorganized Videos

6.1. Vacu-formed Occlusal Guard

6.2. Mounting Esthetic Models on Articulator

6.3. Reduction Stint for Dental Veneers

6.4. Triad Occlusal Guard