Prototyping Weekends - Wallstream

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Prototyping Weekends - Wallstream by Mind Map: Prototyping Weekends - Wallstream

1. At our disposal

1.1. LCD TV with computer to test the app

1.1.1. Expirimental multi-touch screen

1.2. Accomodation for 70 people, RSVP's limited to 20 people

1.3. Loads of coffee, drinks and beer + lunch and 50 pizza's ^^

1.4. Physical prototyping stuff like arduino, ethernet shields etc.




1.4.4. RFID/NFC

1.4.5. General I/O: servo's, encoders, RGB LED's, motors, switches, sensors, etc.

2. Wallstream

2.1. Concept

2.1.1. Backchannel like software aimed at small companies and events to get online content from different service aggegrated and displayed in the office. Controlled via physical interfaces (touch or buttons etc)

2.1.2. Works like backchannel software Searches services for keywords and hashtags Services like Flickr Vimeo Twitter Basecamp Highrise Facebook Hyves? Google Reader? Stocks, maps, nieuws, weer? Delicious Mobypicture Blogs Product comparing sites Wikipedia Vimeo YouTube Displays content optimized for viewing from a distance from beamers and LCD/Plasma displays

2.1.3. Physical interfaces allow users to control the interface Control via mouse Works with touch foil Also suited to use on any computer Control via prototyped input devices

2.1.4. Users Events and conferences visitors Visitors Non-visitors but interested Companies Real time monitoring the company brand Item and product searchers Advice Information

2.2. Versions

2.2.1. Wallstream for events Brandable with logo's and other sponsor messages Aggegrate Hashtags from services Aggegrate different services Display visual content inline Display fairgrounds/schedule

2.2.2. Wallstream for companies Combine company information and content from online services Company information Basecamp Highrise other CRM other Project Management Corporate blogs Corporate Twitter Online information Twitter accounts of employees Brightkite (where are employees) FriendFeed of employees

2.2.3. Wallstream for home Home Automation

2.2.4. Wallstream for museum, libraries and stores Corporate information Product / item Online information Related content Possibility to store information or e-mail it Standard item information Reviews of other people

2.2.5. Wallstream for mobile Location or item orientated

3. Goals

3.1. Create one web application in one weekend (Hackaton like)

3.2. Improve the application based on user input via internet (Open Innovation)

3.3. Create different ways to physically interact with online content (Physical interface prototyping)