Interactive View of Reading and Writing/ Gimme Five

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Interactive View of Reading and Writing/ Gimme Five by Mind Map: Interactive View of Reading and Writing/ Gimme Five

1. Composition: Idea making. Using different activities such as prewriting, drafting, revising etc. to create a finished piece of writing.

2. Prior Knowledge

3. Skilled reading and writing is the process of reading and writing effectively for recreational, personal, and academic situations

4. context

5. Grammar: revising and editing phase of writing. Helpful in conveying meaning.

6. Rate and Fluency: Not the same thing. Rate= speed of oral reading wpm. Fluency= ability to group words into meaningful sentences and read with expression. When these two areas are mastered other aspects of reading can be focused on.

7. Word Identification and spelling: Ability to recognize common words quickly and work out unfamiliar words fast enough so comprehension is not interrupted.

8. Vocabulary: PRIOR KNOWLEDGE! Without this is would be difficult for students to comprehend.

9. Attitude and motivation

10. Phonemic Awareness: Ability to auditorily discriminate and manipulate individual sounds known as phonemes

11. Phonics: As children learn sounds in words they also learn the letters that represent each sound.

12. COMPREHENSION: Creating meaning from text. It cannot stand alone. Phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, and vocabulary all support this part of the process.