Interactive View of Reading and Writing/ Gimme Five

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Interactive View of Reading and Writing/ Gimme Five by Mind Map: Interactive View of Reading and Writing/ Gimme Five

1. Skilled reading and writing is the process of reading and writing effectively for recreational, personal, and academic situations

2. context

3. Grammar: revising and editing phase of writing. Helpful in conveying meaning.

4. Rate and Fluency: Not the same thing. Rate= speed of oral reading wpm. Fluency= ability to group words into meaningful sentences and read with expression. When these two areas are mastered other aspects of reading can be focused on.

5. Attitude and motivation

6. Phonemic Awareness: Ability to auditorily discriminate and manipulate individual sounds known as phonemes

7. COMPREHENSION: Creating meaning from text. It cannot stand alone. Phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, and vocabulary all support this part of the process.

8. Composition: Idea making. Using different activities such as prewriting, drafting, revising etc. to create a finished piece of writing.

9. Prior Knowledge

10. Word Identification and spelling: Ability to recognize common words quickly and work out unfamiliar words fast enough so comprehension is not interrupted.

11. Vocabulary: PRIOR KNOWLEDGE! Without this is would be difficult for students to comprehend.

12. Phonics: As children learn sounds in words they also learn the letters that represent each sound.