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Brainstorming Blogging Platform by Mind Map: Brainstorming Blogging Platform

1. Priority Plan

1.1. Goals

1.1.1. satisfy customers shop category online magazine

1.1.2. make money advertising aurasma app

1.1.3. gain more customers social media cards

1.2. Rules

1.2.1. clarity

1.2.2. ROI

1.2.3. follow the intern plan

1.3. Define Problems

1.3.1. published


1.3.3. make money

1.4. Capture Ideas

1.4.1. useful

1.4.2. inspiring

1.4.3. innovative

1.5. Prioritize Team

1.5.1. developer sales paypal/integrate improve site categories follow buttons follow feed integrate social networks and hire widget

1.5.2. designer improve site social networks paypal look and feel cards aurasma app magazine promo Add blogger promo (free membership, free magazine, free distribution, free selling)

1.5.3. editor edit categories/content create magazine

1.5.4. hr recruit bloggers manage bloggers

2. Priority Action Points

2.1. Advertising

2.1.1. link isocket

2.2. Categories

2.2.1. link shop/event page to categories

2.2.2. curate content

2.3. Aurasma

2.3.1. reskin aurasma app

2.3.2. print card

2.3.3. link card with app

2.4. Promo

2.4.1. Free promo

2.5. Magazine

2.5.1. Hire editor

2.5.2. Create Mag

2.6. Follow

2.6.1. add social network int

2.6.2. and my feed to home page

3. Prioritize Ideas

3.1. Priority (incubators)

3.1.1. Directory augment app print cards online mag editor back page adv add to isocket blogger promo free stuff follow categories

3.2. Mass Maret

3.2.1. security cloudflare verify account terms/privacy

3.2.2. affiliate shop

3.2.3. advertising on menu

3.2.4. blogger app sell for free

3.2.5. app ipad/iphone web app

3.2.6. add post cool sync buttons link parts of img

3.3. Laggards

3.3.1. database media members viewers

3.3.2. app tablet andriod

3.3.3. add post functionality

3.3.4. points compeitions rating engaging creating distribution

3.3.5. google glasses

3.3.6. profiles insta img twitter msg facebook posts delete account

3.3.7. management edit main image

4. Problem

4.1. Problem 2

4.1.1. consumers available reliable directory

4.2. Problem 1

4.2.1. bloggers followers money published hand picked international distribution

5. Ideas

5.1. directory

5.1.1. read follow interact shop category events category weekly mag app

5.1.2. create syndicate create you tube instagram cinegram upload buttons Click through different parts of the photo to shop the look

5.1.3. points creating rating engaging reliable compeitions guess brand distribute content

5.1.4. available devices iphone ipad android phone web app website print

5.2. database

5.2.1. media affiliate links tags category brand compeitions title

5.2.2. members followers social media posts comments compeitions devices sharing following behaviour patterns

5.2.3. Viewers pages posts comments shares behaviour patterns

5.3. security

5.3.1. cloud flare

5.3.2. verify email image capture

5.3.3. terms

5.3.4. privacy

5.4. Money

5.4.1. Cards $1 Cost 20c Lollie insentive

5.4.2. Augmented app $1 Cost $500

5.4.3. Magazine subscribe $2/wk buy $2.5

5.4.4. Bloggers membership $2.5/wk app $1

5.4.5. Affiliate links 10% of purchase

5.4.6. Bloggers get free membership free magazine free avenue to sell free distribution

5.4.7. Backpage advertising $6cpm