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Rolemodel: G Dragon by Mind Map: Rolemodel: G Dragon

1. 5 Distinguishing Characteristics of Role Model

1.1. He composes his own music and lyrics.

1.2. Very much influences the fashion industry in Korea.

1.3. Not only does he write his own lyrics for his own songs, but also he writes them for the boy group BIGBANG.

1.4. He doesn't like when people pursue him because of his physical appearance, wishing he could make a bigger statement with his music than his looks.

1.5. There has been a bunch of rumours, meaning the industry under which he's working has not confirmed anything yet, but he should be the one to produce for the new girl group (lyrics/music/style) of YG Entertainment.

2. Contribution to his/her success

2.1. He is a very talented composer and rapper. At the age of 11, he wrote his own song while still being a trainee under SM Entertainment. It was a rap song. At the age of 14, he got scouted out by YG Entertainment, the industry under which he's currently working in. When he debuted with BIGBANG, the some of the singles that topped the charts were written by him.

3. Shortcomings/FFlaws

3.1. Everyone knows that being famous has it's disadvantages. GD was caught smoking marijuana at a party. He also admitted that he has a very short temper causing him to get mad easily.

4. 3 things that will help me in the digital world:

4.1. With his success, I think, how will this enable me to be successful or will this hold me back from all the potential things I can be?

4.2. How can the thing I'm doing give inspiration to others or how can I be a good role model to others?

4.3. What are the reasons that I'm on this site/giving this comment/contributing?