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Farah [1] (Somalian 16 Years old) by Mind Map: Farah [1]
16 Years old)
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Farah [1] (Somalian 16 Years old)

Full scenario can be accessed at: According to the bilingual support person, Farah has age appropriate oral skills in L1 for getting things done and expressing her wants and needs in social settings, but her L1 academic vocabulary is quite limited. Her written language in L1 is at foundation level. Farah can cope with only the simplest statements or sentences in a record of oral language in L2 and then only with first language support. She needs extensive first and second language support. Farah is in a home room class at school A, for most of the day, participating in mainstream classes for a limited range of optional subjects.



Farah works with the e-tutor who elicits oral language and then writes this in the online environment.

Advisors (bilingual)

Mainstream teachers



ELLINZ Moodle Course

Local library computers

Online library

Books etc

bilingual dictionary

School computers


Examples of work

Demonstration of progress

eProfile/ Record of progress



Individual Programme Plan (IPP)

Community Friends / family

Bilingual support person


Families Learning Together booklet

ELLINZ Moodle Course

Orientation module (weeks 1 - 2)

E.g. Videos for computer access - nouns

E.g. Videos for computer access - verbs

Revision/reinforcement activities

Pre-literate module (weeks 4 - 12 approx)

Writing homework

Audio of writing


Module 1 (weeks 13 - 24 approx)

Pre-unit Assessment

Example activities for pre-literate learners: sequential and increasing in level of difficulty over time(not exhaustive) - See visual, hear and see text and repeat / record - See pictures, read texts and match - Hear text and select/choose correct written text or picture - Hear the word and choose the correct one from a list - Copy words - Hear text and type words - Use simplified audio and display written text - Use simplified texts as a barrier cloze when completed students compare with original - Complete adapted barrier activity with single word on one side and picture on the other. - Complete adapted barrier activity with pictures on both sides of the barrier - Participate in mixed groups of L1 literate and pre lit students. Pre-literate students use the picture half of the barrier activity - Hear and see sentences and match to pictures e.g ‘A cow has four legs’ - Repeat but only hear sentences - Label pictures - Type key words - Write/copy key words - Group pictures under headings e.g. four legs, lives on land - See picture and hear the sentences and repeat - Hear sentences e.g. a penguin is a bird and repeat - See picture, hear sentences e.g. a penguin is a bird and put in the correct list. - Find other pictures to add to groups online or from magazines - Use simplified texts as a barrier cloze when completed students compare with original - Complete (online/collaborative) mind map as a barrier cloze - Identify the parts of the text i.e. title, classification and description - Complete text reconstruction - Label parts of the text - Write parallel texts about other animals for partners to label with title, classification and description, (new vocabulary with visual provided in a list)

Module 2