Sept 26th - 1 Economy Session

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Sept 26th - 1 Economy Session by Mind Map: Sept 26th - 1  Economy Session

1. Forum participants

1.1. 1. Colombia, a country full of Opportunities

1.1.1. Carlos Botero President Inexmoda Colombia

1.2. 2. General Economic Outlook: USA

1.2.1. Kevin Burke President and CEO AAFA USA

1.3. 3. Journey Of A Country, Consumers (Change is Constant) & Economy

1.3.1. Govind Shrikhande Customer Care Associate & Managing Director Shoppers Stop Ltd. India

1.4. 4. Brazilian Textile, Apparel and Retail Sector - Current Situation and Prospects

1.4.1. Fernando Pimentel Director ABIT Brazil

2. DUE TO technical issues this session was not live covered

3. info

3.1. welcome to the live mind mapping stream

3.2. Mind Mapped by Alexis van Dam from Connection of Minds

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4. topics

4.1. general economic outlook: Asia, Europe, Latin America, USA

4.2. opportunities in emerging markets

4.3. how to position a brand in a new market

5. moderator

5.1. Camilo Lourenço

5.1.1. Journalist

5.1.2. Portugal

6. keynote speaker

6.1. Professor Daniel Bessa

6.1.1. General Director COTEC Portugal