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Sept 26th - 3 Technology and Innovation Session Session by Mind Map: Sept 26th - 3 Technology  and Innovation Session  Session
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Sept 26th - 3 Technology and Innovation Session Session

5. augmented reality

Remco Vroom



building an app it not enough






about to size, tech is advancing, size are an issue online

AR peoples location being sensitive?

are these concepts actionable

AR will become a part of apparel

how do we get to harmonized fit/ standards for garments, can IAF play a role?

4. how does the consumer get the right size in the shop?

Ed Gribbin

combine mike with frank

new tech trend



why is size a problem?



examle Markls & spencer

alva kids itunes app

where we going and how we get there

3. What is Additive Manufacturing?

How have digital supply chains evolved and what is their impact on the way products are designed, sold, manufactured, and distributed? How does Additive Manufacturing fit into a totally digital supply chain? What technologies are driving the movement to Additive Manufacturing? Which industries are already adopting Additive Manufacturing technologies and processes? How might the Apparel Industry be impacted?  

Mike Fralix



loss of lim

future of apparel

2. Inspiring and Enabling Creativity through Technology

2. Frank Bober


Inspiring & Enabling Creativity

1. multi-channel sales company

He will highlight several best practices of organizations who developed from a single channel retailer towards a multi-channel sales company. Not only functional examples will be given but also the organizational and change management side will be discussed in detail.

Michel da Silva

1 unic

2 omni channel mgmt

3 best practises case The Look

Case The Sting

4 3 characteristics ofo mni channel players


welcome to the live mind mapping stream

Mind Mapped by Alexis van Dam from Connection of Minds

This mind map will be live updated during the keynotes and forum

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contents will be noted in main and subtopics

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Innovation in digital solutions for fashion business

New ways of attracting consumers

Web sales and mobile shopping

e-commerce models


Braz Costa


expert panel

keynote speaker

Joachim Hensch

online, offline and back

online shops & digital offline copies

mass customization via internet - make to order

size chart vs fitting room

where are your goods


brand networking advocacy