Sept 26th - 3 Technology and Innovation Session Session

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Sept 26th - 3 Technology and Innovation Session Session by Mind Map: Sept 26th - 3 Technology  and Innovation Session  Session

1. 5. augmented reality

1.1. Remco Vroom

1.1.1. Director Mobile Augmented Reality & CEO

1.1.2. TAB Worldmedia

1.1.3. Netherlands

1.2. intro

1.2.1. mobile innovation

1.2.2. augmented reality

1.2.3. mobile goes faster than pc smartphone takes on fast change behaviour of people

1.3. mobile

1.3.1. culture of availability

1.3.2. we depend on our phones

1.3.3. our shopping compagnion

1.3.4. usage inspiration prod info compare prices read consumer review find stores make purchaes

1.3.5. everyone is doing it

1.4. building an app it not enough

1.4.1. we expect more then info

1.4.2. use augmented reality mix digital witj real world happeing on mobile real world

1.4.3. everyone with iPhone. Android can use it

1.5. example

1.5.1. example Anne Klein see thru camera of phone how a watch look like on your own arm

1.5.2. see product in 3d via phone in a mag directly buy it

1.6. apps

1.6.1. marketing apps lots of info go to a store scan a poster something happen give extra premium/ reward

1.6.2. aurasma M&S billboard

1.6.3. 3d tech & gps valuable info market data

1.6.4. recognition recognize people? klik for iPhone location

1.7. socialmedia

1.7.1. digital footprint send a tweet/ also post location tweeps around look what others are twittering

1.7.2. socialmedia apps give location there is a whole new aura of digital content creates around yoru store with AR you make it visible foursquare instagram

1.7.3. examples example marktplaats unibail rodamco discover what stores are there projection on see how buildings will look like in teh future (being build)

1.8. wrap

1.8.1. they epect more

1.8.2. need to be actived suprised

1.8.3. mobile moves fast

1.8.4. google glasses by end of year

2. Q&A

2.1. about to size, tech is advancing, size are an issue online

2.1.1. huge disconnect

2.1.2. not all tech work

2.1.3. bridge more accurate fit still high returns lacked on communications

2.1.4. problem online size chart are not align with what the sell

2.1.5. solution market fit marketing & comms on fit

2.2. AR peoples location being sensitive?

2.2.1. can be seen by anybody

2.2.2. people do it themselve foursquare fb places

2.2.3. privacy of location not storing dating or track people

2.2.4. are people aware of what the send out leaving a digitial footpint out for everyone to see

2.3. are these concepts actionable

2.4. AR will become a part of apparel

2.5. how do we get to harmonized fit/ standards for garments, can IAF play a role?

2.5.1. people lie on their measurements so hat wont fit

2.5.2. fit forms differences are relative subtle zara has 1 fit 8 sizes smales 5 in china larest 5 in us fit is not value proposition its newness

2.5.3. IAF can play a role in fit forms

2.5.4. example levi's Cuve ID #1 product launch all because of fit if it wasn't for fit we didnt have women cusomers

3. 4. how does the consumer get the right size in the shop?

3.1. Ed Gribbin

3.1.1. President

3.1.2. Alvanon, Inc.

3.1.3. USA

3.2. combine mike with frank

3.3. new tech trend

3.3.1. find right size

3.3.2. cost of mark downs

3.3.3. what didnt sell fit is critical

3.4. alvanon

3.4.1. take 3d tech and better fit for human body

3.4.2. discipline design sourcing etc

3.4.3. make more products fit better

3.4.4. 300.000 scans from 21 countries

3.4.5. body shapes of demographics

3.4.6. largest manuf of tech fit forms

3.4.7. grown sales

3.4.8. better custom loyalty by better fit

3.4.9. fit is about initmate men women kids

3.4.10. #1 reason buys a product return it

3.5. consumer

3.5.1. shopping can be fun time consuming frustration cant find size

3.6. why is size a problem?

3.6.1. brand personality/ uniqueness dif fit mdoels

3.6.2. diff countries/ size designations

3.6.3. inconsistent grading protocols

3.6.4. vanity sizing

3.6.5. lack of control via SC fast fashion fit forms

3.6.6. 2/3 of customers are frustrated conversion return side brand loyalty side

3.7. solve

3.7.1. 1 best fitting brands based on body measurement shape ...

3.7.2. 2. help create the best fit standard 3d scan develop avatar

3.8. solutions

3.8.1. scan people in malls said which brands didnt fit well

3.8.2. me ality scans in shopping malls what size to buy

3.8.3. true fit self measurements lie wrong fit now ask what cloths do you have which jeans do you have

3.8.4. tc2 self scan at home create pers. avator

3.8.5. styku msoft xbox technology

3.8.6. metail take pictures of yourseld life like avator design fits n size

3.8.7. upcload scanned with webcam stand in doorway hold a cd

3.8.8. stylitics upload cloths keep outfit histioty b2b company collect data sell back trend forecasting middle end retail trends

3.8.9. size seeker

3.8.10. wrap scan tech will be difficult

3.9. examle Markls & spencer

3.9.1. body shape denim

3.10. alva kids itunes app

3.10.1. infant fit form size for kids

3.10.2. availanble

3.10.3. used info

3.11. where we going and how we get there

3.11.1. no simple solution

3.11.2. consistenly standard of fit communicate execute

3.11.3. better be consistenly wrong then inconsistenly right

3.11.4. knowledge

4. 3. What is Additive Manufacturing?

4.1. Mike Fralix

4.1.1. President & CEO

4.1.2. TC2

4.1.3. USA

4.2. future

4.2.1. additive manufauring oppposite of subtractive

4.2.2. subtractive drilling holes carving sculpting

4.2.3. 3d printing 25 years old timberland uses it for 5 years prototypes of shoes

4.2.4. 3d knitting 15 years no waste add to instead of wasting DE company: Stoll

4.2.5. 3d printing layer by layer printing see objet other industries: ceramics concrete planes walls New node adding instead of subracting from materials

4.3. fashion

4.3.1. 3d rpinted bikini made of nylon

4.3.2. printer is < $2000

4.3.3. what can be downloaded to a printer

4.4. loss of lim

4.4.1. military

4.4.2. full body scan

4.4.3. when it happens you can printed

4.5. future of apparel

4.5.1. nano particle fiberous substances

4.5.2. 3d garment printers in home make it wear it recycle it

5. 2. Inspiring and Enabling Creativity through Technology

5.1. 2. Frank Bober

5.1.1. CEO

5.1.2. Stylesight clients zara hugo tesco

5.1.3. USA

5.2. notes

5.2.1. call 2 action invest in creativity is creativity on you radar it starts there collaboration inside company

5.2.2. honouring creativity

5.2.3. invested in ERP ELM be very good in making the wrong thing less markdowns if you make the right things

5.2.4. electronics have stolen apparel dollars apple of ...

5.2.5. where in the creative age

5.2.6. innovation (Edward Demming) doing for you customer what they do yet now what they need

5.2.7. demonstrative creativity

5.2.8. understand each other

5.2.9. take aways most stuff is the same newly packaged distrupeters google apple indochino be disruptive

5.3. Inspiring & Enabling Creativity

5.3.1. designer books libary

5.3.2. Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant B2B research starts online mount of info entire chanel collection

5.3.3. google: information overload 3,6 mln results chaos options ernourmous

5.3.4. Adobe: 75% of people don’t feel they are truly living up to their creative potential 80% Creativity Drives Economic Growth creative companies will rule big disconnect

5.3.5. creativity is expensive its about brain left right honour both sides reoiment system doenst work forn righ brain right brain want play ground

5.3.6. Do you want more creativity at your company? must have digital/ open environ envolve

5.3.7. mission style sight: inspire & enable creativity how created a platform

5.3.8. what inspiration content enablement tech

5.3.9. present data in graphic way right brainers can do it

5.3.10. William Pollard; 1911-1989: “Information is a source of learning. But unless it is organized, processed, & available to the right people in a format for decision making, it is a burden, not a benefit.”

5.3.11. wrap build graphic tools creative platform its about product

6. 1. multi-channel sales company

6.1. Michel da Silva

6.1.1. CEO

6.1.2. Unic

6.1.3. Netherlands

6.2. 1 unic

6.2.1. founded in swiss

6.3. 2 omni channel mgmt

6.3.1. huge amount of channels sell direct flagship stores direct indirect website internet

6.3.2. development single channel multi channel cross channel omni channel affects all channels where selling

6.3.3. commerce + content = experience

6.3.4. information > commerce experience

6.3.5. why omni channel? orient search customize compare ...

6.3.6. 2010 > 2025 2012 info gasthering 2025 sales are 50% / 50% offline & online

6.3.7. return wrong size to physical store get a free coffee 18% bough new cloths buy online, pickup offline after work

6.4. 3 best practises case The Look

6.4.1. physical store limited space

6.4.2. virtual store more info

6.4.3. style items

6.4.4. localty card integration connect channels

6.4.5. deliver inlinewith brand packiging

6.4.6. look generator combine them virtual

6.4.7. magazines print based on profile linked to online channel microsites

6.4.8. socialmedia powerful

6.5. Case The Sting

6.6. 4 3 characteristics ofo mni channel players

6.6.1. 1. measure customer net promotor score (NPS) % promoters - % detractors

6.6.2. 2. customer centric buy advice

6.6.3. 3. speed adapt website on store pos some 3 times a day

7. info

7.1. welcome to the live mind mapping stream

7.2. Mind Mapped by Alexis van Dam from Connection of Minds

7.3. This mind map will be live updated during the keynotes and forum

7.4. What is a mind map? please click

7.5. contents will be noted in main and subtopics

7.6. this mind map can be viewed on a mobile device

8. topics

8.1. Innovation in digital solutions for fashion business

8.2. New ways of attracting consumers

8.3. Web sales and mobile shopping

8.4. e-commerce models

9. moderator

9.1. Braz Costa

9.1.1. Director General CITEVE

9.1.2. President Textranet

9.1.3. Portugal

9.2. focus

9.2.1. whole set of info tech

9.2.2. electronics

9.2.3. materials

9.2.4. technology

9.2.5. discus the present tech available retail specialsing what clienst want to buy via which channels

9.3. expert panel

9.3.1. systems do work

9.3.2. info tech should/ can be an essential

10. keynote speaker

10.1. Joachim Hensch

10.1.1. Senior Head of Product Excellence Man

10.1.2. HUGO BOSS AG

10.1.3. Germany

10.1.4. since 1995 with Hugo Boss

10.1.5. Head of product excellence virtiual prototyping virtual fitting measuring & sizing

10.1.6. presentation online offline and back

10.2. online, offline and back

10.2.1. how different worlds influence each other

10.2.2. impact on customers?

10.2.3. socialmedia shaking hands is direct contact parallel world is very real is networking important? 85% of mgmt said is essential is for succes only 1% is on socialmedia my kids are in parallel world know how to work with it

10.3. online shops & digital offline copies

10.3.1. e commerce diff ways to do so

10.3.2. 2 examples copy offline to online Mediamarkt - electronic retailer offline online store tesco - korean subway people have no time to buy daily stuff a virtual store in the subway (add on a wall)

10.4. mass customization via internet - make to order

10.4.1. New York better way to buy a suit buy a suit online generation smartpone copied offline to online it takes effort

10.4.2. itailor offer for €20,- it takes 14 steps to orde the shirt after addings €40,- shipping cost its to complicated for a shirt measuring proces make it easy added video how to measure yourself

10.5. size chart vs fitting room

10.5.1. example esprit why not order to sizes since shipping is free the customer has no idea

10.5.2. fitting room zenia insert measurements suggestion of size accoring like a regular store estimation if it'll fit


10.6.1. founded company needed a suit could find one started in shanghai first ever suit their way understand young gen. 25.000 customers world wide undertstand what their customers want

10.6.2. apple advertise nano find interesting concept of clothing stores very clean easy to understand

10.6.3. actuality movie baz luhrman great gatsby deco collection

10.6.4. pop up stores from online to offline rent open spaces organize via looks right for right customer everything is touchable traveling tailors < 3 weeks later the suit arrived home serve customer in perfect way fashionable suit measuring can be hard they give up to $75 to make it real fit witj local tailor

10.7. where are your goods

10.7.1. dhl system in pizza

10.7.2. diff industries influences eachother

10.7.3. build bridges between customer and company

10.8. socialmedia

10.8.1. send in designs

10.8.2. fashion shows 3d fashion show millions more followers

10.8.3. hugo boss tv interview sessions

10.8.4. facebook mediamarkt 14000 coca cola 4,5 mln better use

10.9. brand networking advocacy

10.9.1. coca cola

10.9.2. brand networking connect consumers togher brand is bridge

10.9.3. nike+ have the platorm

10.10. conclusion

10.10.1. succesful companies are relevant useful fully integrated in daily life

10.10.2. we live in BETA time runs fast accept todays busines is fast bringt ans see reaction sonsumer satisfaction now

10.10.3. be a tweaker follow rigth trend mirco inventions make macro inventions highly productive