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Feudalism by Mind Map: Feudalism

1. Peasants/Serfs

1.1. Environment

1.1.1. Lived in manor Had to warm dirt floor with pigs Slept on pile of hay crawling with insects

1.1.2. Never traveled more than 25 miles from where they were born

1.2. Responsibilities/Duties

1.2.1. Paid taxes To Lord To church

1.2.2. Work Produced Took care of crops Took care of livestock

1.2.3. Owed their Lord a few days of labor each week

1.3. Rights

1.3.1. could not be sold

1.3.2. Could not be bought

1.3.3. Could now rent land from their lord for a certain period of time

2. King

2.1. Environment

2.1.1. Castles

2.2. Responsibilities/Duties

2.2.1. Bow to pope in religious matters

2.3. Rights

2.3.1. Could veto appointed bishop

2.3.2. In charge of political matters

3. Clergy

3.1. Environment

3.1.1. Church

3.1.2. Religious

3.2. Responsibilities/Duties

3.2.1. Obey the Pope

3.2.2. Provide Christians with a sense of security

3.2.3. Provide sense of religious community

3.2.4. System of justice to guide people's conduct

3.3. Rights

3.3.1. Administered sacraments or important religious ceremonies

4. Knights

4.1. Environment

4.1.1. Violent Battle fields Wars

4.1.2. Castles Fortress Home

4.2. Responsibilities/Duties

4.2.1. Serve in battle

4.2.2. 40 days of combat a year

4.2.3. Must display courage in battle

4.2.4. Loyal to their Lord

4.2.5. fight bravely in defense of three masters

4.2.6. Protected weak and poor

4.3. Rights

4.3.1. most skilled knights were rewarded with fiefs from their sprawling estates

4.3.2. Wealthy enough to devote life to war

4.3.3. If win in tournaments, can demand large ransom from defeated knight

5. Nobles

5.1. Environment

5.1.1. Their lands

5.1.2. Manor house

5.2. Responsibilities/Duties

5.2.1. Could grant fiefs

5.2.2. Obey Pope/Church

5.2.3. Let peasants/serfs live on his land

5.3. Rights

5.3.1. Could own land

5.3.2. Could have military protection

5.3.3. Could receive fiefs

6. Pope

6.1. Environment

6.1.1. Church

6.1.2. Religious

6.2. Responsibilities/Duties

6.2.1. Forgive any sinner who begged so humbly

6.2.2. Bow to emperor in political matters

6.2.3. Head of church

6.3. Rights

6.3.1. In charge of religious matters

6.3.2. Could appoint a bishop

6.3.3. Could use threat of excommunication or banishment from church

6.3.4. Can use the interdict