Becoming a Digital learner

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Becoming a Digital learner by Mind Map: Becoming a Digital learner

1. The Library

2. Can be used to find Articles, textbooks etc

3. Can be used both physically and digitally

4. Due to it being subscribed to certain sites it allows students specializing in subjects to access more information than would of necessarily been possible prior. An example of this would be giving Law students access to Westlaw, which grants easy access to cases for assessments.

5. Critical thinking and refrencing

6. Synthesis is the merging of two things to create something new. This is only properly useful if you are able to critically analyse a source, rather than wholesale paraphrase it and be in risk of commiting and academic sin.

7. Learn new things

8. Plagiarism is a Fear if you avoid doing two simple things.

9. Referencing may be annoying but it is useful not only to the reader but if done properly in the research phase it allows the writer to check sources at a rapid pace and even allow them to refresh their knowledge and understand what they are writing.

10. Technology

11. Microsoft word a handy tool to write essays and create lists.

12. As a law student google docs is a brilliant tool as I am able to create a document on my personal account and any time I read something interesting/ useful I am able to copy and paste the link into it and archive it

13. Interestingly enough in my high school during one class called thinking forward we were taught how to use Microsoft PowerPoint to create brochures. This shows how the limit of what a program can do relies on the ingenuity of the user