Frankenstein and Blade Runner

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Frankenstein and Blade Runner by Mind Map: Frankenstein and Blade Runner

1. Natural v. Unnatural

1.1. How human is too human?

1.1.1. Using human parts to create artificial life

1.1.2. Giving artificial beings emotions

1.2. Is it moral to bring back/create life?

1.2.1. Victor and Creature

1.2.2. Tyrell and Roy

1.3. Is killing just as immoral if the creature is not human?

1.3.1. Victor and Creature

1.3.2. Deckard and Raechel "Have you ever taken the test yourself?"

2. Parent v. Child

2.1. Frankenstein

2.1.1. Creator: Victor

2.1.2. Creation:The Creature

2.2. Blade Runner

2.2.1. Creator: Tyrell "You are the prodigal son; you're quite a prize"

2.2.2. Creation: Roy "Can a maker repair what he makes?"

3. Society v. Solitude

3.1. Blade Runner

3.1.1. Roy wants to leave for the North where he will not be have to fear the Blade Runners

3.2. Frankenstein (Film)

3.2.1. Wants to go to the North Pole

4. The Creatures

4.1. The Creature

4.1.1. Many stages Confused and Destructive Learning Vengeful Educated and overpowering

4.2. Replicants

4.2.1. Zhora

4.2.2. Leon Kowalski "Do you have your precious pictures?"

4.2.3. Pris "I think, Sebastian, therefore I am."

4.2.4. Roy Batty "We're not computers Sebastian, We're physical." Wants Pris to e able to live long enough with him in the North