Netbook vs SmartPhone

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Netbook vs SmartPhone by Mind Map: Netbook vs SmartPhone

1. Netbooks

1.1. definition - a class of laptop computer designed for wireless communication and access to the internet

1.2. OLPC





1.3. ASUS

1.3.1. EEE PC 1000HE

1.4. ACER

1.4.1. Aspire One AOD150

1.4.2. N10Jc

1.5. HP

1.5.1. Mini 2140

1.5.2. Mini 1000

1.6. Dell

1.6.1. Inspiron Mini 9

1.7. Apple, rumored to launch a netbook with a touchscreen monitor later on this year


2. Intel's atom processor

2.1. definition- intended for use in ultra-mobile PCs, smart phone and other portable and low-power applications.



2.2.1. New node

2.3. New node

3. Bluetooth

3.1. earpiece

3.2. headset


4. CDMA(no SIM) & GSM( SIM Card used)

4.1. Carriers

4.1.1. definition - provides communications and networking services; service provider

4.1.2. AT&T

4.1.3. Verizon

4.1.4. Sprint

4.1.5. T-Mobile

4.1.6. Alltell

4.1.7. Cricket

5. Smartphone

5.1. definition - mobile phone offering advanced capabilities often with PC like functions

5.2. Apple iPhone

5.2.1. You can talk on the phone while surfing the web, checking email, or using Maps.

5.3. Blackberry - RIM

5.3.1. Some use SIM cards while others are CDMA

5.3.2. Blackberries were first mainly used as business phones due to high data availability such as e-mail, office documents. Pearl,Curve, etc Common Curve models are 8310, 8320, 8330 and the newer Curve model is the 8350i. The 8310 and 8330 have GPS with no wifi while the 8320 has no GPS, but has wifi, but the 8350i has both and is the only Curve model with both features Curves & Pearl's can range in price from .99-$200 depending on carrier contracts, place of purchase etc... Bold Storm US carrier availablility is limited to Verizon (VZW)

5.3.3. One of the main features of Blackberries is the Push technology that allows instant sending and receiving of e-mail without adjusting the send and receive time like MS Outlook has.

5.3.4. Unlocking of a Blackberry can range from $17 - $69, after the unlock, for example if using a Storm on AT&T you will also have to load the AT&T service books since the Storm is a VZW specific phone.

5.3.5. Service books are basicaly how the phone uses services on a carrier's network.

5.3.6. Now adays there are so many free and paid for applications that Blackberries are not only for business use, but not are becoming more predominant for personal outside of business use.

5.3.7. There is typically two types of Blackberry user's, BIS & BES

5.3.8. BES is a special server with the BES software controlling software, access and e-mail while BIS is a non-business user that has full access to every aspect of their Blackberry without controlled access.

5.4. Palm Centro





5.5. G-Phone, Android

5.5.1. Android smartphone sales will outstrip iPhone sales by 2012

5.5.2. utilizes a custom virtual machine designed to optimize memory and hardware resources in a mobile environment provides access to a wide range of useful libraries and tools that can be used to build rich applications a developer can combine information from the web with data on an individual's mobile phone -- such as the user's contacts, calendar, or geographic location -- to provide a more relevant user experience users are able to fully tailor the phone to their interests Android is open source; it can be liberally extended to incorporate new cutting edge technologies as they emerge

5.6. Symbian

6. GPS/Tracking


6.2. Garmin-Asus SmartPhone


6.2.2. New node


6.3.1. New node

7. locked-will only recognize a SIM card from a particular carrier