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A.S.P.E.C.T by Mind Map: A.S.P.E.C.T

1. Eveness

1.1. is info well rounded?

1.1.1. Scan articles to see that legimate people recieves equal coverage. Find the"about us" page and look for other people's bias, if it's not there then the source is not right for you. also look for people on the site accepting funds outside sources-it could lead to bias.

2. coverage

2.1. is it what you need?

2.1.1. can you use the site, can you trust it? is it appropriate for your needs? will it cover everything that you are searching for? what about others opinions? you should check databases and review tools for information.

3. Timelines

3.1. is it old or new?

3.1.1. some sites are relevant for your needs, but you also have to watch for the age of the article.

4. is the author or creator acknowledged on the site? learn more about the publisher.Does he/she publish other books? Does it relate to your research needs? The site's URL can give you hints to if the sites legit or fake. .com, .edu, .gov, and .org

5. Authority

5.1. Who wrote it?

6. Sources

6.1. Look for websites that can back-up what websites say about the sources they use if they are facts, if you don't see this then the website isn't legit enough to use.Documentation means the author cited their info and lets you know the evidence they use that supports what they tell you. Citations, Footnotes, a Bibliography ,References,etc.

7. purpose

7.1. what is this website all about? can you get anything from it that you need? why is it written and produced? how are you supposed to know if you can use this source for your needs? is it intended to entertain? sell? educate? Is it just right for your subject?

7.1.1. why?

8. New node