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Fuedalism by Mind Map: Fuedalism

1. peasants

1.1. enviroment

1.1.1. strong sense of family and community

1.1.2. life wasn't efficient and died young

1.1.3. life was on the lord's land and under his rules

1.2. responsibilities

1.2.1. had to work and adibe by the lord's orders

1.2.2. had to work 3 or more days every week

1.2.3. their life was dedicated to the lord and his family

1.3. rights

1.3.1. couldn't leave the land they worked on most didn't leave more than 25 miles

1.3.2. were allowed to do as the lord said

1.3.3. required to finish their duties

1.3.4. could use lord's items, but had to pay tax grainary tithe to the church

1.3.5. can't be chattled

2. nobles

2.1. rights

2.1.1. had own legal statisuses

2.1.2. could rule troops

2.1.3. when they came into posession of his property, he aquired authority over land and people

2.1.4. could coin their own money

2.2. enviroment

2.2.1. were examples of chivalry

2.2.2. most powerful vassals

2.2.3. in times of peace, nobility attended midievil tournaments

2.3. responsibilities

2.3.1. were supposed to protct the weak and poor

2.3.2. military obligation to his lord

2.3.3. looks aftr their own land-appointed stewards to collect money and watch over estate

3. king

3.1. responsibilities

3.1.1. contolled finances religion and food production

3.1.2. head of the entire legal system

3.2. enviroment

3.2.1. top of the fuedal pyramid with pope

3.2.2. head of military

3.2.3. only answered to the pope

3.3. rights

3.3.1. was in total control

3.3.2. all rights were the kings

3.3.3. dcided who who to lease land to and owned the land granted knights and nobles land

4. clergy

4.1. enviorment

4.1.1. prayed on a daily basis

4.1.2. were top of midevil society

4.1.3. were church officials and bishops

4.1.4. 2 different types of clergy regular monastic

4.2. rights

4.2.1. attended chapel 6 times a day

4.2.2. obey their superiors

4.2.3. no ownership

4.3. responsibilities

4.3.1. had to overlook people's spiritual beliefs

4.3.2. absolution of sins for acts of confessions

5. pope

5.1. responsibilities

5.1.1. the head of the church

5.1.2. had to maintain order

5.2. rights

5.2.1. had the right to speak out against the king

5.2.2. had right to intervene and impose sanctions on king

5.3. enviroment

5.3.1. top of fuedal power

5.3.2. was of those who prayed

6. knights

6.1. rights

6.1.1. given land in return for militay services

6.1.2. had many of the same rights as nobles

6.2. enviroment

6.2.1. served beneath the vassals on the fuedal pyramid

6.2.2. fought for the king

6.2.3. were mounted on horses

6.3. responsibilties

6.3.1. had to protect nobles against enemies

6.3.2. defended their lords' lands in exchange for fiefs

6.3.3. pledged to fight