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1. Podcast/vodcast

1.1. A podcast is a series of audio files that can be downloaded and listened to at any time. A vodcast is the same but uses video.

2. URL

2.1. Uniform Resource Locator- the web address for a specific resource.

3. Mash up

3.1. Any media made up of several different pre-existing sources to create something new. This could be a YouTube video composed of short film clips, or someone copying and pasting text from a forum onto their blog.


4.1. Hypertext Markup Language- the code in which most web pages are written.

5. WebQuest

5.1. Educator-led learning project that uses the internet to collect, exchange, analyse, and present information.

6. Wiki

6.1. A text-based website where content can be contributed, modified or removed by anyone with access. Online encyclopaedia Wikipedia is the best-known example.

7. Web 2.0

7.1. Term used to describe the internet as a platform for communication, collaboration, and creativity. Examples include social networks, blogs, and wikis.

8. e-portfolio

8.1. A collection of electronic files, such as blogs, images and audio.-visual content, to demostrate the user's ability.

9. Twitter

9.1. A social networking service that let users read each others' text-based posts or 'tweets'. New tweets can be received via the Twitter website, SMS, RSS, or applications such as Facebook.

10. Blog

10.1. A blog of "web log", this is a web page made up of regularly updated entries, including text, videos and graphics.

11. Tag

11.1. A keyword assigned to a web page or digital image, enabling information to be found easily by browsing online.

12. virtual World

12.1. Computer-based simulated environment- such as Second Life- designed for users to interact as avatars, visual online identities which are usually 3D models or 2D icons.

13. RSS

13.1. RSS document is known as a 'feed' and is used to publish frequently updated pages such as news headlines and blogs. By signing up to an RSS feed, you will be alerted every time the site to which you have subscribed is updated.