"Alone Together"

Digital Literacy in the 21st Century Class, UOIT. Lauren Bazak, "Mind Map"

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"Alone Together" by Mind Map: "Alone Together"

1. Why does this make some of us feel Uncomfortable?

1.1. Some people are intrapersonal

1.1.1. Their strengths are in different areas

1.2. Some are not used to using social-skills

1.2.1. Like engaging conversation, etc.

1.3. Some don't want to feel awkward

1.3.1. Is this a lack of communication skills?

1.3.2. Is this of being "vulnerable"?

1.3.3. Have we become that self-centred?

1.4. "Put on the spot"

1.4.1. Example:While texting someone gives you time to think about what you're going to say, a real conversation requires impulsive decisions

1.4.2. Not an easy skill to grasp if you're not used to it

2. Is it Comforting to know that we're not alone?

2.1. In some ways, yes

2.1.1. To know that you're not alone can over-power the "alone" feeling

2.1.2. It can create a connection

2.1.3. Sharing a common feeling with someone is comforting

2.2. In some ways, no

2.2.1. Not everyone can read your mind

2.2.2. Some people enjoy being social

2.2.3. Not everyone is uncomfortable in a room full of people

2.3. It varies from person to person

3. Are we putting in effort to change things?

3.1. We (humans) can be lazy, and want what's easiest

3.1.1. Is the easy road the best road?

3.2. Maybe it can be a challenge to come out of one's comfort zone

3.3. Are we too concerned about our "ego"?

3.3.1. Are we too afraid of being "shut down"?

4. What causes one to feel "Uncomfortable"?

4.1. Insecurity

4.2. Not enough "social experience"

4.3. Adjusting to something new can be difficult

4.3.1. ...If you are a more intrapersonal type

4.3.2. Intrapersonal or not, if one is not used to social skills, it can be difficult

4.3.3. We (humans) tend to avoid putting ourselves into a more "vulnerable" position

5. Are We Dependant or Independant?

5.1. Are we dependant?

5.1.1. We can be "needy" Dependant on People

5.1.2. It's more comfortable when you have someone to talk to that you know already

5.1.3. Having our "devices" on us makes easier access to avoiding looking awkward Dependant on Devices

5.2. Are we Independant?

5.2.1. Learning social skills can come from trial and error, from experience We all have it in us, do we put it to use?

5.2.2. We all have courage in us Our strengths and weaknesses are in different areas

5.2.3. Some of us are interpersonal