Frankenstein and Bladerunner

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Frankenstein and Bladerunner by Mind Map: Frankenstein and Bladerunner

1. Creation

1.1. Biological creations

1.1.1. Creature made of human parts

1.1.2. Replicants also seem to be made of human parts Eyes

2. Human

2.1. Definition of being human

2.1.1. Replicants or Creature considered human?

3. Abuse of power

3.1. Replicants are more advanced than humans

3.2. Power to create lfie

4. Knowledge

4.1. Creature reading books

4.2. Replicants are programmed to be smart

5. Nature

5.1. Nature took care of Creature

5.2. Always raining in Bladerunner

5.3. Gloomy weather when something terrible happens

5.4. Exploring nature in Frankenstein

6. Role of Women

6.1. Passive

6.1.1. Not very significant Men are dominant in both societies

6.1.2. Used for pleasure

7. Appearance

7.1. Replicants are made with perfection

7.2. Creature is a big ugly monster

8. Technology

8.1. Frankenstein

8.1.1. used science to create life

8.2. Bladerunner

8.2.1. Modern technology

9. Friendship

9.1. Replicants

9.1.1. Roy is saddened when friends die

9.2. Creature

9.2.1. Wants a mate