Frankenstein and Blade Runner

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Frankenstein and Blade Runner by Mind Map: Frankenstein and Blade Runner

1. Roy and the Creature

1.1. committed acts of hommicide

1.2. reader/viewer feels sympathetic

1.3. lack of affection from their creators

1.4. unnatural organisms

1.5. responsible for the deaths of their creators

2. Photos and the books

2.1. the photos remind the replicants of their old memories, which are what spaes their morals

2.2. the books shape the morals of the creature, and helps to teach him english

3. DeLancy's and Sebastian

3.1. DeLacy's helped teach the Creature English, and taught him the idea of love. When he showed himself to them, they beat him and forced him away. The family also provided him with shelter, unknowingly

3.2. Sebastian was kind to Priss and gave her a place to stay . however, roy came along, and ended up asking him for a favour and then killed him

4. What it means to be human

4.1. Blade Runner - true memories are what differs humans from replicants

4.2. Frankenstein - humans are defined by their experiences