Frankenstein VS. Bladerunner

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Frankenstein VS. Bladerunner by Mind Map: Frankenstein  VS. Bladerunner

1. Themes

1.1. Men Playing God

1.1.1. Replicants created to only live 4 years Deciding the fate of its creation

1.1.2. Victor revive the dead Outcast Abandonment Wants to destroy him

1.2. Need for Acceptance

1.2.1. Replicants want to live longer like humans can New node

1.2.2. Frankenstein wants to belong

2. Frankenstein

2.1. stronger than men

2.2. Can't control his ambivalence

2.2.1. want for revenge

2.2.2. feels remorse

3. Roy Batty

3.1. Nexus Six

3.1.1. physically more capable than men doesn't feel pain "perfect"

3.2. can't control emotions properly

3.2.1. like a kid

3.2.2. pursues Deckard but saves him at the end