Civil contingencies act

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Civil contingencies act by Mind Map: Civil contingencies act

1. Emergeny powers

1.1. temporary emergency regulations are normally made by the Queen

2. Part 1

2.1. defines the obligations of certain organisations to prepare for various types of emergencies

2.2. Category 1 responders

2.2.1. Blue light services Ambulance service Police service HM coastguard and Irish coastguard Fire and rescue service Swiftwater rescue services R.N.L.I Mountain rescue Local authorities Primary Care Trusts, Acute Trusts, Foundation Trusts (and Welsh equivalents), Health Protection Agency

2.2.2. Category 2 responders Utilities Electricity distributors and transmitters Gas distributors Water and sewerage undertakers Telephone service providers (fixed and mobile) Transport Network Rail Train Operating Companies (passenger and freight) London Underground Transport for London Highways Agency Airport operators Harbour authorities Others Strategic Health Authorities Health and Safety Executive

3. part 2

3.1. provides additional powers for the government to use in the event of a large scale emergency

4. part 3

4.1. provides supplementary legislation in support of the first two parts.

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