Administrative Matters Policy and Procedure

This is my task, I make a simple mind map for this. I'm sorry for bad design, hope you can understand. Thank you (17 Irfan Hidayat Nur Huda

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Administrative Matters Policy and Procedure by Mind Map: Administrative Matters Policy and Procedure

1. Administrative Matters

1.1. Cycle 7, 15, 23, 30

1.2. Billing Cycle determined by First Media Management

1.3. Existing cust. can choose to manage Billing Cycle

2. Billing Cycle

2.1. D-D 15 Available pay time

2.2. D 16 warned to pay by system

2.3. D 17-D 20 get late charge

2.4. D 21-D 45 The bill is still active Temporary suspend The Service Service will active again when cust pay the bill ang contact the CC

2.5. D 46-D 90 When the bill wouldn't paid at that day, service permanently disable

3. Billing Request

3.1. Adjustment

3.1.1. Things Can be Adjustment

3.1.2. Data Complement

3.1.3. Adjustment Formula

3.2. Suspense

3.2.1. Caused by

3.2.2. Indication

3.2.3. Things Should be Prepared of (Procedural)

3.3. Refund

3.3.1. Refund Form Transfer to account Charge Back (special for Credit Card) Bank Account same as Cust. ID Different Bank Account with Cust. ID

3.4. Billing Sheet

3.4.1. Billing Statement

3.4.2. Billing Detail

3.4.3. Invoice

3.5. Coresspondence

3.5.1. Prepared Form from Company

3.5.2. Another Form

3.5.3. Brochure

4. Policy Procedure

4.1. Inbound Call

4.1.1. Inbound Call Inquiry

4.1.2. Inbound Call Request Technical Request New Installation Cross Selling Reconnection Change Service Disconnection Move Subscriber Administrative Request

4.1.3. Inbound Call Complaint Remote Device Changing Changing Policy & Procedure Equipment Changing Changing Policy & Procedure Network Problem Outage Signal Quality Maintenance Maa Problem

4.1.4. Technical Visit Instalation Change Service Work Order Serive Call Maintenance Special Reques Order Touble Call