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jeecamp09 by Mind Map: jeecamp09
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Grind on / stop

Does the business plan work?

The pain of due diligence

Scoopt (Kyle Macrae @kylemacrae)

Idea: to give opportunity for public to sell images


Some questions that I have from this:

From the Q&A

future of regional press group

"I've been working for regional papers for free since I was 15 and now there are no jobs for me"

My Key Questions would be:

as simple as a blog: a printed newspaper

PANEl Q1: are media companies the wrong size to survive an online future?

Tom Scotney

Jon Bounds

Sue Heseltine


where you see this sign that's something I have written not something that the speakers said

Panel Q2: What shouldn't people get for free

John (?)

Tom Scotney

Jon Bounds

Sue Heseltine

Panel Q3: what is the most exciting thing you have seen re the future of journalism?

Joanna Geary

Sue Heseltine

John (?)

Jon Bounds

Panel Q5: does your council get it, and does that matter? is it an opportunity for people to make money?

Jo (?)

Robin (morley?) from BBC

RObin (Hammon?) Headshift

Andy Dickinson, Uni of Lancashire