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Advantages & Disadvantages of mindmeister by Mind Map: Advantages & Disadvantages of mindmeister
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Advantages & Disadvantages of mindmeister

Hey John,Feel free to add your own nodes and let me know what you think about mindmeister. This is just a quick example; I think you could get very creative with it if you wanted to.


I think adding a photo allows other users of the map to identify better with the individual "speaking". It's not always possible or efficient to do this, but sometimes it works out. Other times just a name in the title of the node will have to do.


Easily share with as many students as you want.

Visualy Appealing

It is easy to visualize exactly how the conversation is going. It has a feel like your involved in a in depth conversation with the entire class and not just replying to individuals like blackboard sometimes feels.


Very flexible. Several different themes available or create your own. Also, very easy to add images, links, files, and even assign tasks.

Asynchronous & Synchronous

This could technically be used synchronously as well. It is constantly updated, therefore you can actually see as others edit at the same time. At the bottom it gives you a list of those that are currently editing the map. One could even schedule a time to work on the map with a group at the same time. I think this opens up a lot of possibilities.

Fosters Students Creativity

Just a video that cracked me up. Just wanted to find something to show an example of how you could add links to the nodes. I think this deffinately lets students be as inovative and creative as they want to be in order to foster a interesing class discussion. Opose to mindlessly replying to black and white type that sounds the same and looks the same no matter who is posting it.


Editing Can Be Dangerous

When students have access to participate in the conversation they are able to edit each others posts as well. The instructor does have the ability to see everything but that can get tedious going through and fixing it throughout the entire time the conversation is going. It would be very important for students to type their posts or nodes in a Word document first.


Sometimes the formatting has a tendency to get messed up when copying and pasting out of a word document. Students will either have to go back in and delete extra code that gets copied or use a different program such as Notes.


It can get confusing if students are not using thier name or an image to label their nodes. If another student clicks on the node at all it will look as if they were the last one to edit the node and not the actual author. Therefore, it is important to have them label the node with their name or a photo. Also, it is important to be sure that the students are adding the node to the correct node they wish to respond to. Sometimes it may be helpful to illustrate the relationship with the relationship tool at the top.


So far, the controls a straightforward and I've had little problem in adding branches and nodes. It is a unique way to communicate.


You can quickly add or update a node.You do not have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out where information should go.


Since this isn't the traditional form of posting, I can see a potential for greater student engagement.

Easy to see relationships

Through connecting nodes and topics, it is easier to see the relationship between ideas.

Greater productiviy

The link attached to this node explains how productivity can increase through mind mapping.


Could get chaotic

You have to pan ahead of time to make sure your mind map is well organized. Failing to do so, you might end up with ideas and nodes that are disconnected or out of place.

Limited options

While this type of communication is quick and efficient, there is no preferred way to add large blocks of text or information without defeating the purpose.

Don't see ability to easily integrate with other programs.

Though the option might exist, I don't see how the mind map created can be exported of integrate with other applications, like posting on a blog or social network.