Prejudice & Equality

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Prejudice & Equality by Mind Map: Prejudice & Equality

1. Prejudice & Discrimination

1.1. Prejudice

1.1.1. Attitude or opinion about other people

1.2. Discrimination

1.2.1. How you treat peole based on your prejudice

2. Biblical Teaching

2.1. Christians are always against prejudice and discrimination because the bible says:

2.1.1. Love your enemies

2.2. Man is made in the image of God

2.3. Don't judge others

2.4. We are all equal in the eyes of God

2.4.1. Turn the other cheek

2.5. Love your nieghbour as yourself

2.6. Treat others as you would like to be treated

2.6.1. Parable of the good samaritian

2.7. Forgive people 70 x 7

3. Gender

3.1. All christians believe that everyone is equal. However many christains also believe that we are all different . Because of this some churches may treat women and men differently.

3.2. Orhodox and Roman Cathlic - NO

3.3. Church of England - Yes

4. Race

4.1. MLK

4.1.1. New node