Exploring Space

Just an initial demo map, so that you don't start with an empty map list ...

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Exploring Space by Mind Map: Exploring Space

1. Phonetic drills

1.1. sounds-do exercises

2. Listening drills

2.1. listen

2.2. do the exercises

2.2.1. complete the following sentences

2.2.2. answer the questions

3. The break of the lesson

3.1. listen to music

3.2. do physical exercise

4. Pupil’s Portfolio

4.1. the first group

4.1.1. write down the article

4.2. The second group

4.2.1. create the interview

5. Homework

5.1. do the exercise

5.2. use the Internet

6. Brainstorm activity

6.1. presentation

6.2. suggestions

6.2.1. pair work or small groups-questions and answers

7. Speech drills

7.1. do exercises

7.1.1. Russian and English equivalents

7.1.2. Fill in the gaps

8. Reading drills

8.1. translate word-combinations

8.2. match the two parts of the statements

8.3. read the text by yourself

8.4. choose the right answer

8.5. choose sentences for your school newspaper