Domestic Abuse Of I.o.T Devices

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Domestic Abuse Of I.o.T Devices by Mind Map: Domestic Abuse Of I.o.T Devices

1. Stalking

1.1. someone follows a person home after work every day

1.2. Unwanted phone calls / mail / etc from stalker

1.3. continual unwanted appearances, behaviours or touching

2. Cyberstalking

2.1. someone sendsunwanted text messages relentlessly

2.2. Continous unwanted messages through any social media accounts

3. Economic or Financial Abuse

3.1. an adult child takes control of an elderly person's bank account and uses the money for him/herself

3.2. Parents taking advantage of child's job paycheques without their permission

3.3. Not allowing a spouse to work, or taking control of their finances if they do work

4. Spiritual Abuse

4.1. Disrespecting other people's beliefs and shaming them for what they stand for.

5. Elder Abuse

5.1. Leaving an elder in your care in soiled clothes

5.2. Financial abuse; stealing their money, tricking them into signing paperwork concerning loans, etc. messing with medication, interrupts functionality, mind games

6. Physical Abuse

6.1. a man slaps his partner

6.2. Child abuse (punches, choking, burns, etc)

6.3. Grabbing someone with force who wishes to be left alone

7. Psychological, Mental, Emotional Abuse

7.1. a parent constantly criticizes her child's faults

7.2. a man constantly tells their partner that they are fat until they develop an eating disorder

7.3. Calling an individual attention seeking / crazy / stupid / retarded

7.4. Saying hurtful things and making them believe they deserve to be treated this way

8. Sexual Abuse

8.1. a man rapes his wife

8.2. Rape cases found in children and youth

8.3. Includes anything from harassment, to physical violence

8.4. A woman rapes her husband

9. Domestic abuse facilitated by hijacking of home I.o.T devices