Film Opening Sysnopsis

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Film Opening Sysnopsis by Mind Map: Film Opening Sysnopsis

1. Cinematography shoots

1.1. tilted overhead

1.1.1. Exciting shot to show things from a high angle. This will be used whilst fighting

1.2. Medium shoots

1.2.1. Its important to show the faces of the actors

1.3. 180 rule

1.3.1. Because the protagonist is on a chair in the center of storage space breaking the 180 rule before they fight would expose all of the character

1.4. high angles

1.4.1. This tilt will be use with the antaganist this will make the audience feel

2. Setting

2.1. location

2.1.1. countryside roads Unlikey to appear at the start of a fast pace action movie. Test convention as actionms mainly show well know, stunning cities This will be unique to the audience isoclated

2.1.2. Storage space/garage Inside Mise en scene The location (garage) I have chose are conventially associated to action movies as its underground and edgy. Quite Big

3. Charectors

3.1. Antaganist

3.1.1. costumes Matching hoodies Leather jackets are usually worn by antagonist in action movies because they're rough looking and instantly add tension, with the 'baddies' in matching dark hoodies you gain an idea of their link Suits Suits are worn by men in Black and white They only wear plain colours. This indicates how serious the characters are.

3.1.2. Gang members; these characters are important because they introduce violence and create a theme for the film

3.1.3. Dangerous

3.1.4. rough looking

3.1.5. Tattoos

3.2. Protagonist

3.2.1. The protagonist is needed because they keep the narrative moving

3.2.2. mask to rip off when unraveling identity creates interest and adds enigma about lead role

3.2.3. Costume costume unmasked Black outft

4. Props

4.1. baseball bat

4.1.1. details Old Wooden

4.1.2. Weapon Breaks convention as weapons are conventionally high tech. wooden weapon adds edgy effect

4.2. Pillow case

4.2.1. Hides protagonist identity at start Creates tension and suspense for whats going to happen

4.3. Wooden chair

4.3.1. simple

4.3.2. divides protagonist and antagonists.

5. Music and sound

5.1. Sound effects

5.1.1. Fighting Punch noises Slashes These will add effect. Make it seem more realistic and make the opening instantly intriguing.

5.1.2. Car noises to add effect Add effect. make it more realistic

5.2. Music

5.2.1. Fighting music. A fast paced song will be introduced to create pace

5.2.2. sdf

6. Cinematography editing and performance

6.1. editing

6.1.1. Fast paced editing Convention to action movies. Pace helps keep attention of audience

6.2. Performance

6.2.1. The performance is crutal. The actors must look convincing and come across realistic.

7. Plot

7.1. Two men appear to have hostage a woman. The woman is sat on a chair, ted up. They question her and then she suddenly leaps to her feet and fights them. She wins and leaves them on the floor unconscious . The woman gets in a fast car and drives off. she then reports to a gadget that she's going back to HQ.