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Courage by Mind Map: Courage

1. Bravery

1.1. In order to be courageous, you should have the bravery to step up.

1.2. Like in the Hunger Games, when they were getting selected for tributes, and when they were selected to play fo the Games, it takes a lot of courage and bravery to be in it and fight for the death

2. One with a strong heart

2.1. Like in the Harry Potter, Harry has a strong heart within himself and for others that led him to be a courageous leader as he fought Voldemort and growing stronger as he had enough of his friends dying that led to being courageous throughout his adventures.

3. The ability to stand or step up

3.1. To step up, let's say some person is bullying another person and you know the bully is not doing the right thing and you come up to the bully and say, "Stop." It takes courage to do that.

4. Fearless

4.1. Fearless is key to what courage is supposed to be. For example, you have to be fearless and have a lot of courage to play sport league games in order to win and have fun.

5. Daring and Boldness

5.1. Like in the book, "To Kill A Mockingbird", Scout showed a lot of courage by being daring and bold to Mr. Cunningham and the gang during that night at the jail.

6. Spirit

6.1. Like in our Pep Rally today, we have to show spirit for our classes and that takes a lot of courage.

6.2. Synonym of courage