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1. Politicial

1.1. Imigration

1.1.1. Many people imigrated to America

1.1.2. Governent made rules, certain requirements in order to enter America

1.1.3. Helped the poor

1.1.4. Required them to take a test

1.2. Political Machines

1.2.1. (read in economical)

1.3. Political Bosses

1.3.1. (read in economical)

1.4. promoted massive government spending on infrastructure to support the new arrivals who came looking for gold

1.5. Governemnt helped those who didnt have jobs get one, get welfare for them, and education.

2. Social

2.1. Row Houses

2.1.1. Poor lived in row houses. They were smaller than townhouses

2.1.2. More compact, no room

2.1.3. This caused many people to become sick fast.

2.1.4. Sicknesses were spreading

2.2. Reactions to the imigration

2.2.1. Irish no jobs

2.2.2. Germans Famers, Midwest, Political Pronlems

2.2.3. Italians jobs, religions, exodus, economy

2.2.4. Slaves left with weak political systems weaking vs economy slavic imigrants arrived in improvised family units worked in coal mines caused us imigration comison a huge flow of funds

2.2.5. Chinese economic problems, gold rush, famine, progressive racism

2.3. Children had to work hard for their familes

2.3.1. depending on the job, you don't get enough money

2.3.2. Slaves got 5 cents an hour

3. Economical

3.1. Political Machines

3.1.1. Spent 20 million dollars on improvements and new jobs.

3.1.2. Made deals with buisnesss leaders

3.1.3. Machines helped the poor out.

3.1.4. Instructed local residents to vote

3.1.5. Cost too much

3.2. Political Bosses

3.2.1. Bosses distributed many jobs among supporters

3.2.2. Dictated party positions in cities. And made deals with buisness leaders

3.2.3. Dictated positions and machines. Blamed it all on people but themselves.

3.3. Railroads

3.3.1. Lots of job opertunities in the west, so they moved their

3.3.2. East was too expensive to live in

3.3.3. Growing land was expenisve and difficult to maintain in the East

3.3.4. If you agreed to live in the west for more than 5 years, / home stead act, they gave you land for free.

3.4. Inovations

3.4.1. Sewing machines

3.4.2. Automobiles

3.5. Weatlth in citties

3.5.1. Political Machines took money from citizens.

3.5.2. Many jobs were enough to support the family.

3.5.3. Farmers worked the most, but got the least amount paid.

3.5.4. Working class wasn't improving.