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Malone by Mind Map: Malone

1. Quiet

1.1. Thinks to himself most of the time

2. Romantic

2.1. Loves Gladys

2.2. Names a lake after his crush

2.3. Goes on a dangerous adventure for his crush

3. Thinks Criticaly

3.1. Gives the idea to climb a tree

3.2. Finds and does things other wouldn't have thought of

4. Smart

4.1. Comes up with the idea of getting a better look of the island (Climbs a tree)

5. Sometimes Foolish

5.1. Rushes off into the night to scout out the island

5.2. Is blind to Gladys bitchyness

6. Humble

6.1. Doesn't brag of being a professional rugby player

6.2. Went into a dangerous mine to help people

6.2.1. Didn't brag about it

6.3. Took the blame of the fight with Challenger

7. Connects with People

7.1. Was able to get a good interview with Challenger

7.2. Got Lord Roxton to like him

8. Afraid of what people think of him

8.1. Agrees to go stop the drunkard upstairs just to prove how brave he is to Lord Roxton

8.2. Decides to prove his worth to Gladys by doing something dangerous

9. Brave

9.1. Runs off into the night to scout the island

9.2. Goes on the adventure to the plateau

9.3. Climbs the tree

9.4. Saves Summerly and Challenger from the Ape Men

9.5. Goes to talk to Challenger (At the beginning)