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1. Reporter for the Daily Gazette

1.1. Works for McArdle

1.1.1. Asks him for a dangerous article mission See if Challengers story is false Gets Challenger to open up

2. Loves Glady's

2.1. She wants a "famous" husband

2.1.1. Decides to find a dangerous mission to impress her

2.2. Goes to SA for her

2.3. Ends up marrying someone else

3. Dynamic/Round

4. South America

4.1. Trying to find himself

5. Romantic

6. Already a Hero

6.1. Went into the mines

7. Charismatic

8. Good with people

9. Athletic

9.1. plays rugby for Ireland's national team

10. Modest

11. Humble

12. Courageous

12.1. Going into the mines

12.2. Passing Roxton's test

12.3. Volunteering to go to South America

12.4. Tell Glady's how he feels