Characteristics of Malone

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Characteristics of Malone by Mind Map: Characteristics of Malone

1. Modest & humble

1.1. Thinks he's an ordinary and average man

1.1.1. Didn't think playing for international rugby team was something to be proud of

1.2. Saved people from the mine disaster

1.2.1. Doesn't think that's heroic even though Gladys says it is

2. Good with people (according to McArdle)

2.1. Got Challenger to open up

2.2. Roxton immediately trusts him when he "passed" the test

3. Brave

3.1. Willing to go on the expedition

3.1.1. Gladys: motivation

3.1.2. Unafraid of dangers & risks

3.2. Sacrifice his life

3.2.1. Climbed tree to get entire view of Maple White Land

3.2.2. Went w/Roxton to save the professors from Doda

3.3. Went to save people in the mine disaster

3.4. Willing to help solve Roxton's problem- guy w/a gun

4. Foolish, but determined

4.1. Probably knew that Gladys only thinks of him as a friend, not a potential spouse

4.1.1. Still goes on expedition for her

5. Athletic

5.1. National Ruby player for Irish team

5.1.1. Roxton impressed

6. Indifferent

6.1. Doesn't express himself or voice his opinion a lot

6.1.1. Unbias?

6.2. Doesn't care who is the leader: Challenger or Roxton

6.3. Goes along with everyone

7. How does he change?

7.1. Before

7.1.1. Modest & humble

7.1.2. No opinion, does what ppl tell him to, respectful Asking McArdle for adventure, he just accepted to talk to Challenger without having any preference Tried to be heroic for Gladys Relies on companions in expedition- pg. 107 Doesn't question others b/c he respects their ideas even though it may be wrong

7.2. After

7.2.1. Got a little more confidence, less modest?

7.2.2. Doesn't do stuff for others, makes his own decisions Volunteers to go w/Roxton for another adventure Chose to leave Gladys

7.3. What's the change that he undergoes?

7.3.1. When Gladys got married? When he realized that she's not the one b/c of what she did?

7.3.2. When Challenger & Summerlee was captured and Roxton + him had to go and save them?