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Malone by Mind Map: Malone

1. Who is he?

1.1. Young reporter

1.2. Seeks danger to impress the love of his life, Gladys

1.3. A trustworthy kind of person

1.4. Goes on the adventure with Summerlee and Challenger in South America

1.5. See "Qualities"

2. Qualities

2.1. Modest

2.1.1. Doesn't brag about going down into the mine

2.1.2. Doesn't brag about his ability on the rugby team

2.1.3. "Best run I've ever had"

2.2. Naive

2.2.1. Thinks that if he just does whatever Gladys wants, then he'll win her over Doesn't realize that Gladys has other plans; Malone realizes this when he comes back from his adventure, only to find her married to a humble clerk

2.3. Safe

2.3.1. Doesn't typically go for adventure

2.3.2. McArdle shows signs of surprise when Malone asks him for a dangerous assignment Gives him the task of proving Challenger a fraud

2.3.3. Never does anything out of the ordinary

2.4. Determined

2.4.1. He is determined to win Gladys over

2.4.2. Does something drastic--goes on this adventure just to prove to her that he is worthy of her love

2.5. Got the characteristics of a true hero

2.5.1. Athletic Been on the Irish National Team for Rugby High standard

2.5.2. Brave Establishes himself as brave as he goes down into the mine to help those who were trapped A very dangerous task since it runs the high chance of being trapped down there See also "Modest"

2.6. Trustworthy

2.6.1. Roxton's Drunk Man Test He was willing to help a hypothetical, dangerous drunk man Proves that he is a reliable person to go on the expedition with Proves that he is trustworthy

2.7. Good with People

2.7.1. McArdle (news editor) Wanted him to prove Challenger a fraud, but Malone soon realized that he wants to simply go for an adventure

2.7.2. Befriends Challenger, Summerlee, and Roxton through their adventure together

2.7.3. Goes on yet another adventure with Roxton as soon as he realizes that Gladys is not worth it