Evolution of Toys

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Evolution of Toys by Mind Map: Evolution of Toys

1. Toys That Have Evolved Or Stayed Current

1.1. Lionel Trains (1901) Inventor : Joshua Lionel Cowen (1877-1965) The Lionel Manufacturing Company, 1900. The Lionel Corporation, 1918

1.1.1. Thomas and Friends (1984)

1.2. Barbie(1959) Developer: Ruth Handler (1916-202 Company: Mattel Predecessor: Bild Lilli (1955) MATTEL, 1945: ELLiot Handler Harold MATson

1.2.1. Barbie (2012)

1.3. Scrabble (1948) Inventor: Alfred Butts (1899-1993) Developers: James Brunot (1902-1984), Helen Brunot Companies: Production & Marketing Co., Selchow & Righter, Milton Bradley

1.3.1. Words with Friends (2009)

1.4. Monopoly (1933) Developers: Charles Darrow (1889-1967); Ruth Hoskins (1904-1986); Cyril Harvey (1901-1981); Jesse Raiford (1900-1960) Companies: Parker Brothers, Hasbro Predecessor:

1.4.1. Monopoly( 2012)

1.5. The Frisbee (1957) Inventor: Fred Morrison Developer: Warren Franscioni Companies: Pipco American Trends, WHAM-O Predecessors: Flyin’ Saucer (1948), Pluto Platter Flying Saucer (1955)

1.5.1. The Frisbee (2012)

1.6. Matchbox (1953) Inventor: Jack Odell Founders of Lesney: Leslie Smith, Rodney Smith Companies: Lesney Products, Universal, Tyco, Mattel

1.6.1. Matchbox (2012)

1.7. Lincoln logs (1916) Inventor: John Lloyd Wright -Friedrich Froebel, founder, kindergarten, 1837 -Playskool, purchased 1947

1.7.1. Lego (1949)

2. Toys That Have Died Out

2.1. Wham-O Sling Shot, 1948 named after their first product, the Wham-O slingshot. It was made of ash wood and used flat rubber bands. The Wham-O was suitable for hunting

2.2. The Landlord's Game, 1903 Predecessor: The Landlord’s Game (1903) Inventor: Elizabeth Magie (1866-1948) “the object of the game is to obtain as muchwealth or money as possible.”

2.3. Flexible Flyer, 1900 By Samuel Allen Inventor, Samuel Allen (1841-1918) Fire Fly, 1890-1900; reissued 1935 “Don’t kick steer – Get a real self-steering sled, the famous Flexible Flyer and save your shoes.”

2.4. Raggedy Ann, 1918 By Johnny Gruelle Johnny Gruelle, cartoonist, illustrator, writer of Raggedy Ann Stories Myrtle Swan Marcella Delight Gruelle, 1903 -Raggedy Andy, 1920 -1960, Bobbs-Merrill Company -1965, Knickerbocker Toy Co. -Raggedy Ann inducted into National Toy Hall of Fame, March 27, 2002

2.5. Mr. Machine, 1960 children's mechanical toy originally manufactured by the Ideal Toy Company in 1960. Mr. Machine was a robot-like mechanical man

2.6. KerPlunk, 1967 Debut: 1967 Inventor: Eddy Goldfarb Companies: Ideal, Mattel

3. Toys That Are Starting To Die Out

3.1. Mouse Trap Game, 1963 Debut: 1963 Inventive idea: Rube Goldberg Inventor: Gordon Barlow, Burt Meyer Companies: Ideal, Milton Bradley

3.2. Hula-Hoop, 1957 Developers: Alex Tolmer, Spud Melin, Dick Knerr company: wham-o

3.3. Spirograph, 1965 Debut: 1965 (US 1967) Inventor: Denys Fisher Companies: Denys Fisher Ltd. (UK), Kenner Toys, Hasbro Hypocycloid “the plane locus of a point fixed on a circle that rolls on the inside of a circumference of a fixed circle”

3.4. The Slinky, 1945 Inventor: Richard James (1918-1974) Developer: Betty James Companies: James Industries, Poof Products

3.5. Mr. Potato Head, 1952 Inventor: George Lerner (1910-1995) Company: Hasbro

3.6. Radio Flyer, 1917 Inventor:Antonio Pasin -1917, Liberty Coaster 1933, Little Red Wagon 1923, Liberty Coaster Manufacturing Co. 1930, Radio Steel & Manufacturing Co. -All Terrain Wagon, 2003 -Sport Utility Wagon, 2003