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Malone by Mind Map: Malone

1. Likeable

1.1. Readers

1.1.1. Easy to connect to him

1.1.2. Seems like a person you'd want to be friends with in real life

1.2. Characters in the novel

1.2.1. Good at connecting with people

1.2.2. Charismatic

1.2.3. McArdle: “you seem to have a sort of genius for establishing relations with people-- sympathy”

1.2.4. Got Challenger to open up

2. Dynamic and Round

2.1. Trying to find himself

2.2. Grown as a person

2.2.1. Independant

2.2.2. Guided by personal motivation and his own wants and needs, rather than Gladys

2.2.3. More willing to go out on an adventure and experience something new

2.3. See the many faces of Malone

2.3.1. Desperate

2.3.2. Witty

2.3.3. Daring

2.3.4. Scared

2.3.5. We know he not just a 1D character not as complicated as Roxton, but you see internal struggles Gladys Helping others Staying alive "like all disconsolate and broken-hearted heroes, into the darkness, with grief and rage and laughter all simmering within me like a boiling point." Shows he's not as weak and feeble as he was before-- more head strong and confident

3. Genuine person

3.1. Humble and caring

3.1.1. Went down the mine to help people, not just for the story

3.2. Willing to lie at officer to prevent Challenger from getting in trouble

3.3. Witty

3.3.1. Lie to Challener

3.3.2. Does his research

3.4. Modest

3.4.1. National class athelete

3.5. "Go-getter"

3.5.1. "It's all in the way of business"

4. Courageous

4.1. Doesn't want to be labeled a coward

4.2. He's got guts

4.3. Ventured off in the middle of the night at Maple White Land

4.4. Climbed the ginko tree