Input/Output devices

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Input/Output devices by Mind Map: Input/Output devices

1. Benefits

1.1. Keyboard-Allows one to free type and express themselves with a single touch of a button.

1.2. Mouse-It allows one to get to something quickly or gives the freedom to explore the programs on a computer

1.3. Monitor-Allows you to visually see what is being displayed on the screen.

1.4. Printer- Gives the students the chance to print up information that they want to keep for their own reference/keepsake

2. Output Devices

2.1. Pieces of hardware that move information out of the computer

2.2. Monitor

2.3. Printer

3. Input Devices

3.1. Any computer peripheral that you might use to enter data into the computer

3.2. Keyboard

3.3. Mouse

4. Challenges

4.1. Keyboard-Students do not know how a keyboard works and may be a challenge for one to type

4.2. Mouse-teaching students how to utilize the two buttons on the mouse and how to input the device to the computer.

4.3. Monitor- Being able to turn the screen off/on, changing the resolution size of the screen making it easier or less painful on the eyes.

4.4. Printer-Setting/Linking up the printer together to the computer,