Kinetic Particle Theory

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Kinetic Particle Theory by Mind Map: Kinetic Particle Theory

1. Three states of matters

1.1. Liquid

1.1.1. Arrangement Quite closely packed,disorderly manner

1.1.2. Movement Slide over each another

1.1.3. Forces of attraction very strong

1.2. Solid

1.2.1. Arrangement Closely packed,orderly manner

1.2.2. Movement Vibrate at fixed position

1.2.3. Forces of attraction Strong

1.3. Gas

1.3.1. Arrangement Disorderly manner,spaced far apart

1.3.2. Movement Move in random directions at high speed

1.3.3. Forces of attraction weak

2. Process of changing states

2.1. Melting

2.2. Sublimation

2.3. Evaporation

2.4. Freezing

2.5. Condensation

3. Compress

3.1. Solid cannot be compress because of the small spaces between the particles

3.2. Liquid can be compressed because the particles slide over each another with spaces between them enough to compress

3.3. Gas can be compressed because the spaces between the particles is very big and the particles move to occupy spaces.