Knowledge & Learning

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Knowledge & Learning by Mind Map: Knowledge & Learning

1. Types of knowledge

1.1. Conceptual Knowledge

1.1.1. knowledge about facts, concepts, principles that apply within a certain domain

1.2. Strategic Knowledge

1.2.1. to organize a problem-solving process

1.3. Inferential knowledge

1.4. Knowledge Management

1.4.1. Tacit Knowledge (Embodied Knowledge) know-how (Brown & Duguid 1998) depends on culture depends on environment Embedded Knowledge locked in processes, products, culture, routines, artifacts, or structures (Horvath 2000, Gamble & Blackwell 2001). Also known as Tacit Knowledge reflections Largely experience-based & hard to define Context-dependent

1.4.2. Explicit Knowledge Declarative Knowledge Factual Knowledge Meta-Cognitive Knowledge Procedural Knowledge knowledge exercised in the performance of some task skills

2. How people learn

2.1. formation of new knowledge

2.1.1. Visual/Spatial

2.1.2. Musical/Rhythmic

2.1.3. Bodily Kinesthetic

2.1.4. Verbal/Linguistic from classroom teachers

2.1.5. Logical/Mathematical

2.1.6. Interpersonal/Intrapersonal intelligences Self-Directed reading Research peers learning Problem Solving discussion

2.2. experience

2.2.1. Trial & Error what???

2.2.2. making mistakes

2.2.3. from others shared experience

2.2.4. Hands-on practice

2.3. Games

2.3.1. Role Play

2.3.2. Able to make mistakes and try again

2.4. Application of new knowledge and skill

2.4.1. analyzes, conceptualizes, and synthesizes

2.4.2. experience/prior knowledge creatively generating original work and innovative

2.5. Formal Context

2.5.1. Classroom

2.6. Informal Context

2.6.1. New Media's Applications

2.6.2. Social domain

2.7. By Observation

2.8. Apprenticeship